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"Probably the greatest Reggae album and one of the greatest albums of all times."

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Product Details

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Sounds interesting...I think that I'll check this one out, thanks for the heads-up...

It's definitely worth a listen. The production and songwriting is a bit undeveloped for my tastes (I really wish they had gone on to make a sophomore album, because that likely would've been extremely god), but I still break it out occasionally.

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Blown away by this one..


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Lords of Acid




I better not post the album cover...

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HDTracks 24/96 "Ventura Highway" one of many very clean and beautifully mastered cuts.

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ror - shak : deep


zero 7 : simple things

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I've been comparing the Beatles recent remasters. I've got older copies of Revolver, Abbey Road, Magical Mystery Tour, the "blue" compilation album (late 60's) and Let It Be. I'm slowly adding and replacing their newer remasters.


So, I started out with Sgt. Peppers which I did not own...thought the remaster sounded really good. Clear, open, beautiful sound.


Then, I ordered the White album on Amazon. The vender accidentally sent me an old 80's version which I believe was probably the original master when CDs were introduced to the market to the U.S by Capital records. The CD was sold-I got it cheap-w/o booklet and the CD has the following printed: manufactured by Capital records made in the U.S.A 1968 original sound records made by EMI records. My understanding is that Capital took care of the U.S market and sounded inferior to those sold in the U.K . The vender recognized the mistake and gave me a refund. They were great to work with.


so...Saturday I picked up the White Album from a local record and tape trader store in Baltimore. I bought the 2009 remaster. Since the original vender from Amazon told me not to bother returning the old 80's copy, I was able to compare side by side A-B the old White Ablum with the new remaster....




holy Schiiit!  The remastered White Album sounds FREAKING AWESOME! The older version sounds "muddy" in comparison to my ears.



I forgot how much I love this album. Some call it a mess...all over the map...which is why I love this album. I think it's my favorite. I love the fact that the Beatles rocked as hard as they ever did with Revolution, Back in the USSR, Glass Onion, Everybody's got Something to Hide Except Me and My Monkey  and Helter Skelter....and mix it up with folk rock, the tongue in check Rocky Raccoon, beautiful songs like Blackbird and While My Guitar Gently Weeps....


I just love the eclectic nature of the album. I find it a really compelling listen front to back. Surely one of the great rock records for the ages.


If you like the Beatles and for some reason have not heard the remastered White Album...highly recommended.


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image (Click to show)


Finally found the opportunity to listen to Ioan Gamboa... The music is so awesome!! I haven't been listening to music like this for a while, so I think I might make some Beatport downloads tonight. :)

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Kuschel Rock Happy Birthday Special Edition (1997) 


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