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"Rock Art and the X-Ray Style" - Joe Strummer and the Mescaleros

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On & On





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Tomasz Stanko, Leosia


Really fine stuff

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My birthday was today, so all my posts here over the next few days will be from the music that's been given to me. First installment: Tom Odell. His June debut full-length record, Long Way Down, is something I've been waiting to have in my collection for awhile now. The song structure is fairly poppy, but Odell's voice and the loose, almost uncontrolled nature of the band makes it exciting and engaging. It has an almost blues-rock style of sound, while remaining accessible to lovers of any genre.


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dabrye - instrmntl                                 kevoz - ticket to antarctica               peter buffett - inside looking out       dj krush -  寂 -jaku

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Been listening to a lot of David Kilgour lately, and as always, the sadly gone Jason Molina, one of the best in all his guises (Songs:Ohia, Magnolia Electric Co., Jason Molina)... and if you haven't heard it and love that Americana sound like I do, that Hiss Golden Messenger is one of the best this year, as is Califone ...


David Kilgour [1991] Here Come The Cars
David Kilgour [2004] Frozen Orange
Orso [2004] My Dreams Are Back And They Are Better Than Ever
Alexander 'Skip' Spence [1969] Oar
Court & Spark [2001] Bless You
Magnolia Electric Co. [2007] Black Ram

David Bowie [1971] Hunky Dory
Hiss Golden Messenger [2013] Haw
Songs: Ohia [1999] Axxess & Ace
Califone [2013] Stitches
Julia Holter [2013] Loud City Song
R.E.M. [1985] Reconstruction of the Fables
Brian Jonestown Massacre [1996] Take It From The Man!
Magnolia Electric Co. [2009] Josephine

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Listening to this double disc anthology reminds me that mutli disc anthologies that flow in chronological order can be a good or bad thing depending on the quality of the bands later work. I absolutely love box sets I have of Neil Young, The Who, Hendrix, The Clash and the Ramones to name a few. But, my 80's hard rock titans often fall short in their later years. Foreigner and Def Leopard, and the Scorpions. This Foreigner anthology is very solid and the remaster sounds good. I just can't help but be letdown by the bands twilight songs. The First disc just rocks from front to back.


 Their first few albums are so great if you like blue collar hard rocking classic rock: Foreigner, Double Vision, Head Games and 4. After that .....not so much for me....still given their first four albums, they were a great rock band.




1. Feels Like The First Time 3:52 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   2. Long, Long Way From Home 2:55 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   3. Cold As Ice 3:20 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   4. Headknocker 3:01 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   5. Starrider 4:01 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   6. Double Vision 3:44 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   7. Blue Morning, Blue Day 3:12 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   8. Hot Blooded 4:27 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen   9. Dirty White Boy 3:40 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 10. Head Games 3:40 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 11. Women 3:26 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 12. Night Life 3:51 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 13. Break It Up 4:15 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 14. Juke Box Hero 4:22 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 15. Urgent 4:30 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 16. Waiting For A Girl Like You 4:49 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 17. I Want To Know What Love Is 5:01 $0.69  Buy MP3 
listen 18. Down On Love 4:08 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 19. Reaction To Action 3:32 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 20. That Was Yesterday 3:50 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 21. Say You Will 4:15 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 22. I Don't Want To Live Without You 3:57 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 23. Can't Wait 4:31 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 24. Tooth And Nail 3:57 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 25. Heart Turns To Stone 4:11 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 26. Lowdown And Dirty 4:23 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 27. I'll Fight For You 6:03 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 28. Until The End Of Time 4:53 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 29. Too Late 3:45 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 30. Say You Will [Live 2008] 4:31 $0.99  Buy MP3 
listen 31. Starrider [Live 2005] 7:04 $1.29  Buy MP3 
listen 32. Juke Box Hero/Whole Lotta Love [Live 2005]
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Rebecca Brandt - Numbers & Shapes



Free download. The limited edition CD is five bucks plus shipping.

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