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"HandPicked" - Earl Klugh


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Channel Orange (Explicit Version)


Frank Ocean


Happy Monday !!!!

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Originally Posted by snapple10 View Post


Happy Monday !!!!

+1... Happy Monday!!!!... and happy listening.

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Originally Posted by BucketInABucket View Post


Great game, great soundtrack.



Currently listening to EXLIUM. Still one of my favorite albums to come out this year.






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Chick Corea And Return To Forever

 Light As A Feather [1972]


Always tied to a confusing time line, the first released recording from the original configuration of Return to Forever was actually their second session. An initial studio date from the ECM label done in February of 1972 wasn't issued until after the band had changed in 1975. The Polydor/Verve recording from October of 1972 is indeed this 1973 release, featuring the same band with Chick Corea, Stanley Clarke, Airto Moreira, Joe Farrell, and Flora Purim.


There's no need splitting hairs, as both are five-star albums, showcasing many of the keyboardist's long enduring, immediately recognizable, and highly melodic compositions. Farrell's happy flute, Purim's in-the-clouds wordless vocals, the electrifying percussion of Airto, and Clarke's deft and loping electric bass guitar lines are all wrapped in a stew of Brazilian samba and Corea's Fender Rhodes electric piano, certainly setting a tone and the highest bar for the music of peer groups to follow. "Captain Marvel" -- the seed for the band sans Farrell and Purim that was expanded into a full concept album with Stan Getz -- is here as a steamy fusion samba with Corea dancing on the keys.


By now the beautiful "500 Miles High" has become Purim's signature song with Neville Potter's lyrics and Corea's stabbing chords, and unfortunately became a hippie drug anthem. Perhaps Corea's definitive song of all time, and covered ad infinitum by professional and school bands,


"Spain" retains the quirky melody, handclapped interlude, up-and-down dynamics, exciting jam section, and variation in time, tempo, and colorations that always command interest despite a running time of near ten minutes.


"You're Everything" is a romantic classic that surely has been heard at many weddings, with another lyric by Potter sung in heaven by Purim, while the title track is Purim's lyric in a looser musical framework with Clarke's chart coalescing with Corea and Farrell's pungent flute work. As much as the others have become icons, the extraordinary sound of Farrell on this date should never be trivialized or underestimated.


The final track, "Children's Song," was a springboard for several of Corea's full-length album projects, and is heard here for the first time via a trio setting in a slow, birthlike motif. The expanded version of this recording includes many alternate takes of four of these selections, but also includes "Matrix," which was not on any RTF albums, and there are four versions of "What Game Shall We Play Today?," which was only available on the ECM release.


From a historical perspective, this is the most important effort of Corea's career, quite different than his prior previous progressive or improvising efforts, and the pivotal beginning of his career as the most popular contemporary jazz keyboardist in history. ~


- Michael G. Nastos, Rov





/ Every "Spain" owns its own signature grove, ie improvised jazz ;')


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Sparks 'Kimono My House'



Plastikman 'Artifakts B.C.'

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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post


Great game, great soundtrack.

The feels!


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David Garrett - Music Deluxe Edition





Originally Posted by tquickbrownfox View Post

We have vaguely similar tastes... What kind of soundsignature have you found suitable for this type of music? What iems/headphones do you use? Do you EQ?

Hi, I like that kind of music with my Beyerdynamic DT880 600ohm and sometimes with the Beyerdynamic DT 770 250ohm. On the road it has to be something like the Momentum.

I don´t EQ (the iBasso DX50 sounds to good to EQ) sometimes with my Cowon I7 I do some ajudstments but nothing drastic. I have been testing some IEMs and I like the Triple Fi10 and the Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition. I don´t like this music type with the Grados i60, ATM m50 or Sony iems (have some and I don´t like any of those with this music, but with hip hop or rap, well thats another story ;) )

I still have to test the Sennheiser HD650 or the 600, I think I´m gone love that soundsignature!!???!! I hope this will help you

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Originally Posted by xylin6 View Post




Plastikman 'Artifakts B.C.'


I was just pondering if I should buy some of those re-issues or not.

Asolutely love Sparks/Halfnelson too.





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ahhh dr. John


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Love Wynton - have you heard live at the village vangaurd? 7 cd box set. its great. He never gets a look in on this thread. 


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that is some of the best jazz that i have ever heard! 

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