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"Special Beat Service" - The English Beat

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Genius: Best of Warren Zevon







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Bach, Johann Sebastian

The Brandenburg Concertos - Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment

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 I had forgotten how much I liked this, probably my favorite from Opeth

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Early footage of Springsteen on great form with a superb guitar solo.



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A song about not selling their life away to a big label.

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Originally Posted by miceblue View Post

I will admit that I found the T50RP more appealing than the music in the first 20 seconds. XD


I thought those kids were pretty impressive. Somebody posted them doing a Dream Theater song a little while back...cool to see kids into prog metal/rock. I would not guess most middle/high school kids would even know Tool or DT.


Adding some remastered classics-Floyd, The Who, Zeppelin, etc.  So, now onto the greatest rock ablum of all time....he-hee....


My parents played so much darn Beatles when I was growing up in the 70's and 80's, but it does sound terrific remastered. I'm reminded why S.P. is oft cited as the best or one of the top 5 rock albums of all time. Yeah-it's pretty awesome!




And my first Johnny Cash album. Three dozen songs spanning his entire career. For a causal fan at best, this sounds great and feels like a good overview of his caeer.


 I don't typically listen to country music. I'm a rock guy. But, also grew up listening to Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson along w/ a lot of folk and 60's rock in my 'rents house. I'm surprised how good this sounds to my heavy rock battered 40 + year old ears




....maybe I'm  just getting old...



But, I still like tool :-)

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Cheap Trick anything from 'Cheap Trick','In Color','Heaven Tonight','Live at Budakon','Dream Police' and 'One on One' (and some after that).

technically they were the first band I ever saw live (as they opened for Kiss on the Love Gun tour,August 19th,1977 at the San Diego Sports Arena). best night of my ten year old life. loved em then,love em now.

'He's A Whore' (from 'Cheap Trick')

'Downed' (from 'In Color')

In promulgating your esoteric cogitations and articulating your superficial sentimentalities, amicable, philosophical and psychological observations,

beware of platitudinous ponderosities. Are we really the Dream Police?

'Dream Police' (from 'Dream Police')


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I'm into all sorts of music.  in my life time I've went from rap to country to rock to celtic to techno to hiphop to jpop to fantasy metal to irish rock, but now I've discovered a new favourite:  Spa music.  As in music made specifically for relaxing at spas, who knew such a genre existed? 0.0 


I know it sounds cheesy, but man.  Just unexpectedly totally epic.




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Sometimes you just need to relax!  Where are my Enya CD's I think I have all of them....:ph34r:

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Tony Bennett and Dave Brubeck - The White House Sessions

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