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"La Bella Vista" - Harold Budd

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For some reason today seems to be classical Sunday.


Cikada String Quartet - In due tempi


Arthur Rubinstein - Beethoven Sonatas


Arvo Pärt - Litany

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The Rolling Stones


 Some Girls 

2CD SET [Deluxe Edition]






Mike Madden says:

In 1978, things weren’t looking so hot for The Rolling Stones. Most, if not all, of their earliest counterparts – The Beatles, The Animals, and The Byrds included – had either burned out or faded away years before, and two blockbuster new movements (i.e. punk and disco) were coming into full effect. Making matters even worse was the fact that the band’s previous three albums – ‘73’s Goats Head Soup, ‘74’s It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll, and ‘76’s Black and Blue – though by no means disastrous, didn’t quite touch their now-classic predecessors Let It BleedSticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St. Needless to say, this wasn’t a time to mess around; the Stones’ next move had the potential to make or break their career, or at least give strength to the threat of irrelevancy. So, they worked some classic Stones kind of magic.


Some Girls, that next move, worked. On the strength of the steamy disco of “Miss You”, the Clash-like rollick of “Respectable”, the riff-based balladry of “Beast of Burden”, and the racy electric blues of the title track, the album soared to the top of the pops and stayed on the American charts for 82 weeks. With over six million units moved, it’s the band’s best-selling album to this day. Unsurprisingly, it was a critical smash, too. Upon its release, Robert Christgau, writing in The Village Voice, called it the band’s “best album since Exile” and “their easiest since Let It Bleed or before.” He was right. Suddenly, the Stones were interesting and important, all over again.

The reason we’re talking about the album now is that, like Exile last year and Get Yer Ya-Ya’s Out! in 2009, the Stones’ camp has remastered the original album and excavated lost tracks from its sessions (which took place in Paris in late ‘77 and early ‘78). And you know what’s amazing? From the beautiful country-rock of “No Spare Parts” to the soaring ramble of Hank Williams cover “You Win Again” to the grimy boogie of “Claudine”, the recently unearthed tracks are simply sensational. Some of them have been sitting in the vaults, completed, for the past 33 years, while others were touched up or fleshed out in recent sessions with producer Don Was (check out Keith Richards’ vocal on “We Had It All”). All are worth your time.

As great as those tracks are, though, it’s easy to see why they didn’t make the cut for the original Some Girls. If “Do You Think I Really Care”, “No Spare Parts”, and “You Win Again” were on the final album with the notorious “Far Away Eyes”, it would have been an overtly country-heavy outing and, perhaps, a difficult sell. Similarly, throw “Tallahassee Lassie” and “So Young” on there with “Lies”, “Respectable”, and the Richards-led “Before They Make Me Run” (an allusion to his February 1977 heroin bust), and you have a quick and dirty album that probably wouldn’t have gone over too well with the Stones’ newest fans (the band’s biggest singles of the mid-’70s were the smooth ballads “Angie” and “Fool to Cry”). But put all 22 of these tracks on shuffle, and you’ll get an unrelenting, usually exceptional double album that has only one odd moment (“Petrol Blues”, a 90-second piano demo that, judging by the virility of Mick Jagger’s vocal, sounds like it was recorded in 1965). Incredible.

At the end of the day, this reissue does more than highlight the original Some Girlsalbum. It shows that the Some Girls era was, and remains, one of the most productive of the Stones’ career. Even greater than that, though, is that it all came when the band was in dire need of a spark. They were forced to adapt, and adapt they did. That’s clutch. That’s something to cherish.

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Linda and Nelson did some nice things together.......

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Heart-Bebe Le Strange 1980-...just bought a 3 original studio recordings collect (Babe Le Strange, Little Queen, The Dog and Butterfly). I've never heard Bebe ....kind of a transitional album from them from their acoustic tinged 70's output....they rock hard on this one. Great Gods-I love Heart's early recordings. I gotta give it up to them...one of the great hard rock bands.



remember seeing Heart for the first time on the Old Gray Whistle Test. Went out the next day and pre-ordered Dreamboat Annie. Still one of my favourite listens



It's interesting listening to Bebe Le Strange. Only one big hit-"Even it Up".  I read some reviews. Their infamous in-group love triangles had disintegrated.  it was their first album without one of the main song writers who contributed a lot of the really tasteful acoustic, almost folksy sounds that I love.


You can almost hear them struggling to incorporate punk-but never really get there in the way, say Joan Jett did. It feels to me their earlier Zeppelin and folk influences must have, at this point been influenced by early hard rock/metal....thinking of AC/DC, Judas Priest, etc. It's raw. Pretty fierce album.


Confirms for me that Heart is/was one of the seminal hard rock acts of all time. Despite the fact that I'm not a fan of their later 80's pop.

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Linda and Nelson did some nice things together.......

I have enjoyed this disc for many years now.

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Really hard to find- well worth the effort...


You Only Live 2x- best cover of You Only Live Twice I have ever heard

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This got me into classical music when I was around 30 years old (long time ago :p)


I'm not a huge Liszt fan, but looove Argerich's play here..

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Florence is great to listen to with the Beyer T1's they really shine with this type of music compared to my HD650's

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The Rolling Stones


 Some Girls 

2CD SET [Deluxe Edition]





For any Keith Richards fan, the Deluxe Edition is definitely a must because of "We Had It All." A fantastic "lost" Keef on lead vocals track! I love it! 


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Joan Jett and the Blackhearts Greatest Hits 2010...double disc coinciding with the movie "The Runaways" about her band.


Uh, she's a bad ass.


Always looking for pearls of wisdom from my rock heroes, my favorite track-




"I don't give a damn about my bad reputation


livin' in the past, It's a new generation.


I never wanted to improve my station. And, I'm only doin' good when I'm having fun and I don't want to meet no one.


.......and, I don't give a damn about my bad reputation


I've never been afraid of any deviation,  and I don't really care if you think I'm strange.


 Go and do what you want to do.


The world is in trouble, there's no communication. It never gets any better any way. It ain't gonna change.


Oh, no. Not Me".



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