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The new Portugal. The Man album is outstanding!

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Makes me wanna play this game all over again...

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The Definition Of Progressive Rock   BAMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!

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Prince - Purple Rain; One of the greatest soundtracks, albeit albums ever recorded.

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jackskelly... thumbsup.gif

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The Who - Quadrophenia
(1973, Track) TML in the deadwax, mastered at The Mastering Lab


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Oh man... I love it!


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Originally Posted by TJ Elite View Post

I would probably recommend checking out "F♯ A♯ ∞" next and also trying their "Slow Riot for New Zerø Kanada" EP. "F♯ A♯ ∞" didn't initially appeal to me as much as "Lift Yr. Skinny Fists...", but after hearing it enough times I really grew to like it. I'd probably say that it is almost as good as "Lift Yr. Skinny Fists...", but not quite. "Slow Riot..." is currently rated as the #1 EP of all time on Rate Your Music, which should speak for itself.

UTAU is indeed very similar to Yamaha's Vocaloid software, with the main difference being that UTAU is a free program and actually enables users to record their own voice bank and use it to create their own virtual singer. The results one typically gets with UTAU are usually less lifelike than with Vocaloid – at least in unskilled hands – but that's what appeals to me in UTAU anyway. "Official" UTAUloids (I think that's what they're called) also often have a quite unique voice with lots of character. UTAUloids also typically have really wacky background stories: Kasane Teto for example is a chimera, and Namine Ritsu despite being voiced by a woman is officially a cross-dressing male character who has two missiles built into his chest, creating an impression of him having breasts. Millions of people have heard at least one UTAUloid in their life even if they don't know it, for one of the UTAU presets, Momone Momo, was used in the remixed version of daniwellP's 
"Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya!" – a Hatsune Miku song – which served as the music in the immensely popular Nyan Cat video uploaded on YouTube in 2011. As one last note, Utane Uta, who is more popularly known as Defoko, is the default voice bank that comes with the software and her voice doesn't actually come from an organic source, meaning her voice is completely synthesized.

All I just said is merely stuff I've read on the UTAU wiki, so don't think I'm actually knowledgeable on the subject or anything. Also, I believe UTAU simply means "to sing" in Japanese, but I could be wrong.
I'll check those out. I'll see if I can visit some local stores to see if they have any GY!BE albums before I refer to the Internet though. On another note, I just ordered Lift Yr. Skinny Arms Like Antennas To Heaven on CD and on Vinyl (even though I have yet to own a turntable). It's just so enchanting listening to. I can't wait to hear it on CD (and vinyl someday). :-)

Interesting back stories... A little but surprising for some of these characters, lol. I didn't know they used it for the Nyan Cat video though. I'll have to read a little bit on these characters since their history seems to go back.

Anyways, all this Utau talk got me listening to "+Reverse". :-)
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The Modern Jazz Quartet

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