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I don't remember the exact song names, but I'll give you the band names.


2 Steps From Hell



Empire Syndicate


Fired Earth Music

Dragon Force

Amon Amarth



Cavendish Trailers

Aaahhh, just f it, the channel is called ThePrimeCronus on youtube, and I listen to the song producers in the 2 hour mega mix by Trauma Caspian.

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Tom Waits - Bad As Me (2011)


Track number 13, "New Year's Eve" naturally... biggrin.gif

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Originally Posted by snapple10 View Post




Yes - A Classic:




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I know, listened to it twice

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Today I've been enjoying...


Hiroyuki ODA's most recent EP:




HSP's (the alias Hiroyuki ODA uses for music with vocals) latest free, highly 80s influenced, Hi-NRG song (download link in the video description; I think you need to create a free Piapro account, though):


The latest music video from daniwellP - the person who created the original Nyan Cat song, Nyanyanyanyanyanyanya! (not sure how it happened but I've taken a liking to his music; enough to consider purchasing his album when I place my next amazon.co.jp order):


And finally this another free song which feels like a perfect way to end just about any day:


Happy New Year everybody!

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An old favorite!



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Tom Waits - Bad As Me 

   Track number 13 - "New Year's Eve"
// Lucky ol' '13 ,(if ya catch what I'm s-prayin' ;')






///YouTube comments:



  • At the stroke of midnight,January 1'st,2013,I'm going to play this song as loud as naturally possible,just to piss off the Mayans.

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  • dantesinporno

    A masterful depiction of my favorite time of year. All the disingenuous mirth from Christmas is finally on it's way out and everybody's game to get completely busted ass drunk because they know full well the stroke of midnight isn't really going to change a ******* thing and another year of filled with a-holes and their stupid ******** will be waiting for them in the event they wake up the following morning.


//// A note from our seasonal sponsors over at Red State Update :


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Haken - Visions

LondonUnited Kingdom (2007 – present)

Haken are arguably the most exciting sound to emerge from the modern progressive movement. Formed in 2007, Haken is a virtuoso progressive rock / metal band from London, England, comprising some of the country’s finest young musicians. Featured in the band are members of To-Mera and Linearsphere andAnchorhead.

In July 2007, Haken showcased their music for the very first time to a packed out London bar with a great response, followed the next week by a sold out show at The Peel in Kingston. Within months of this double-debut performance, Haken were billed in support of Riverside (Inside Out) at Camden’s prestigious Underworld. Haken continued performing sets to packed houses throughout London and on UK tours in support of cult metal bands King’s X (Inside Out), Bigelf (Custard Records), and To-Mera.

They continue to extend their fan base having played to date: The Camden Underworld, The Electric Ballroom, The Nottingham Rescue Rooms, The Wulfrun Halls, The Bull and Gate, The Manchester Academy, The House of Progression, ProgPower Europe - Baarlo, The Netherlands, Summers End, The Camden Barfly, The Purple Turtle, The Brighton Freebutt, The Star, The Flag, The Peel, Leonards…more to come…

One of HAKEN’s demo tracks was featured on the cover CD for the second issue of ‘CLASSIC ROCK PRESENTS PROG’ magazine in 2009. 

HAKEN meld metal with progressive rock, drawing influences from contemporary bands like Dream Theater and IQ as well as “old school” icons Genesis and Queen.


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Artist: Listener 

Album: Wooden heart

Track: You have never lived because you have never died




People that liked the "Aeroplane over the sea" album will definately like this!

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I'm listening to the whole Parallax Trilogy by Between The Buried And Me (nothing official, but it has been confirmed by the band that the story of the first the story of the other two are linked and go in that order)


1.Swim To The Moon (song) 17:53 mins




Cover of The Great Misdirect (album in which this song is in)



2.The Parallax: Hypersleep Dialogues (EP)\ 30:02 mins





3.The Parallax II: Future Sequence (LP) 72:32 mins 


(extended view of original cover)


it all sums EPIC journey of 2 hours and 26 seconds 





Everyone have a happy new year!!



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Rickie Lee Jones


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Anthony Hamilton - "Can't Let Go" off of "Ain't Nobody Worryin'"


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