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*Administrator* Do I have to place such a post with my daily "What Are You Listening To Now" post, or can discussion of a song mentioned in the daily post be discussed in a seperate post on the same day?
The one post per day limit is for listing what you're listening to. Real discussion, not one or two word "right on's" and " X2's ", but real discussion is fine.

I'm sorry if this new rule spoils it for some, but for others who stopped or never bothered to post in the thread because their single post would very quickly be burried pages back because of a few people making dozens and even hundreds of posts in one day .... each post containing only one song. And for those, like myself, who do like to be able to see what others are listening to, it's more enjoyable to see a larger variety of member's interests posted here in a concise fashion, than wading through page after page after page after page of individual posts from very few. IMO this original thread idea is a good one ... but not if it's only going to be swamped by a half dozen or so members.

End of discussion.
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Don't say no - xyz

Felt like rocking out a bit...nice guitar riffs on this song.

Edit: because Pandora says "it features hard rock roots, major key tonality, an emotional male vocal performance..."

Created this station based on recommendations on headfi...bands on the station are " Joy division, Interpol, The flaming Lips, Led Zeppelin, Nirvana, The Who, Motorhead, Judas Priest, Sex Pistols, Kiss, Thunder..."
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Shostakovich 5th Symphony.
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'Heaven Only Know' (John Legend Remix) CL Smooth // The Outsider

Why do so many feel it's thier job to piss on anothers parade ?
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System of a Down: System Of A Down, Toxicity, Mezmerize and Hypnotize.

I am an all day SOAD listening marathon
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Beethoven's second symphony
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Charles Mingus - Mingus Ah Um
Danny Gatton - Hot Rod Guitar: The Danny Gatton Anthology
The Hellecasters - Return of the Hellecasters
Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider

Can I add Im listening to em through Grado Sr-60's?
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5 albums in rotation:

1. ZZ Top - Rancho Texicano / Hyper-well recorded hard driving Rock trio [vol.2, 17 tracks] 'Nuff said

2. Art of the Ballard - Best of Mapleshade Vol.1 [12 tracks]

Again, superbly engineered master taped specimens of assorted club artist of the gerere from a dozen different CDs featuring jazz icons like Larry Willis, David Murray, Stanley Cowell, Jack Walrath and Hamiet Bluiett. You’ll love the kaleidoscope of moods and colors they lay down. You’ll hear the difference a Mapleshade recording makes. The extra detail and small-club ambience heightens the impact of each ballad, capturing every gentle nuance. The Absolute Sound says “…excellent sound and good music…the stuff of fine wine and candlelight.” [quotes taken from their site]

3. The Marvin Gaye Collection: Rare, Live And Unreleased (Motown 1990, 11 tracks) SACD

/Fairly well remixed selections spaning Marvins creative career, georgeous vocal recordings here, of some of his best works.

4. Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing ['98 16 tracks] 'Nuff said

5. Bad Influance - Live at the Bad Habits Cafe, Mapleshade Records

Stereophile says “…a recording to die for…R&B and early rock, but with a totally modern sensibility…one hell of a performance.” These guys take a gritty approach to that magic moment when the blues turned into rock ’n‘ roll. Whop Frazier sings Motown-steeped, bluesy vocals on classics from Wilson Pickett, Buddy Guy, Jimmy Reed. A vividly raw blues/rock quartet with wailing electric guitar and raunchy tenor sax raise hell behind him. Bound For Sound calls it “…a howling good time…Recording of Merit.”

SACDP>Foreplay tube pre>Opera>990s/D2000s>

Note: The Foreplay adds both higth and width to the soundstaging, as well as some slight increase in detail retrival with added sustain and decay with a spooky realisim to vocal presentations, most noted with the club Jazz recordings above; All while maintaining the Operas tight articulate bass note presentation with impactful percussions preserved [set upon a blackground of silence, best noted between tracks], while driving the 990s/D2000s
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"Isis" - Bob Dylan
"False Advertising" - Bright Eyes
"Impossible Germany" - Wilco
"Red Turned White" - Architecture In Helsinki
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August 21:

Paul McCartney & Wings - Wingspan: Hits & History

selection sub-consciously influenced by the recent Beatles posts on this forum
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The Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar"
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Yo-Yo Ma - Apelo
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Originally Posted by Manny Calavera View Post
Why do so many feel it's thier job to piss on anothers parade ?
Because, when they forget to put John's on the parade route and after waiting by the barricades for hours to get a good spot, in order not to lose your spot, you have to piss on the parade.

In other words, when you are in a spot where you have no other way to keep things in control, and the situation gets taken advantage of by a chosen few. It ruins it for everybody.
The parade must go on, but the immature abuse had to stop, so in order to save your spot, the only way to do it, is to not lose your place on line, and piss on someone else's parade.

But the parade will go on, without people getting hurt.


Hope this helps.
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Originally Posted by DLeeWebb View Post
"Red Turned White" - Architecture In Helsinki

Underwater - Architecture in Helsinki

I imagine a-lot of people are listening to this one today. Well, the one's that still legally acquire music. More super shiny Indie Collective Pop - horns, moogs, hand claps and all that tapestry; either brief, sugar sweet fun for rock professors or poster daydreaming three month obsessions for young girls in fashion graphic prints and trendy glasses.
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