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BluRay or HD DVD? Poll

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There is a lively discussion about the format war here: Here

The purpose of this thread is to get the favoring opinion of fellow head-fiers.
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I second the both... that was my solution to the debate anyway.

Though to be honest it would be nice to see HD DVD win as the players are significantly cheaper and are every bit as good as Blu-ray...oh and HD DVD is not Sony.
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HD DVD is much more of a complete package... the picture-in-picture video commentary, ethernet connectivity, etc. I have one and I LOVE it, but due to the difficulty of the fact that Blu-Ray has better exclusive studio support, I think that HD DVD is doomed to be 2nd place at best.
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I'm going to have to go ahead and say neither.
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Doesn't make a difference to me.
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As of right now, HD-DVD
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The detail in each seems the same but the color is different. HD seems natural while Blue-Ray seems sometimes more colorful or color filtered depending on the movie. Which is better? that depends on the movie.
LG makes a player that does both but it's pricey.

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I'd say both since there are players that are coming out that support both.
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I thought Blu-Ray was ahead the whole time, but I remembered reading that it was the first time every in the 1st quarter of the year that blu-ray out sold HD-DVD. I'm not sure who might win, but didn't these companies learn from Sony? Sony had a great product called Betamax that was superior to VHS, but it's now gone. I wished they had just standardized the new format from the beginning
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I got a blu-ray optical drive as a gift. I am going to use it.
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i bought the hd-dvd drive for my 360... i'll eventually have a PS3... so either way i'm covered but i hope HD-DVD wins though some of the studios to back bluray exclusively (who knows how much sony paid them) include disney (no hd dvd pirates for me) mgm (hd dvd spaceballs is out) fox (HD DVD Star Wars looks to be a dead dream) so the future is very uncertain

i guess we'll see which format the **** industry backs...
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They'll both go the way DVD-Audio and SACD did.

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