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I sold monolith a set of Etymotics ER-6. He was very patient and understanding with me as I double-checked the difference in cost regarding shipping to Canada (which turned out not to be significant enough to even worry about. A pleasure to deal with!
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I sold him a SACD player and he was great to do business with.
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Sold him my ibasso T2

Great to deal with.. Thanks bud
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Bought a pair of Ety ER6s off him.

Great comms and the products were well packaged.

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Sold my iPod Video to him.
Prompt payment and everything.
Great buyer.
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monolith bought Shure E2c from me - fast payment and good communication. Good buyer.

Found out today that someone is dumping this model on Amazon for $40, so I'm gonna send monolith my second set of E2c for free (sometime this week, so he can use for a second set or spares).
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monolith bought a DIY ipod line out dock from me. Top notch communications and instant payment. An all round excellent transaction and no one could ask for more from a buyer.

Thanks man!
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Monolith bought a pair of UM1s from me. Payment followed directly after contact information was sent. I would definetly do business with him again.
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Sold DT-770 to Ian, smooth transaction. Communication was always good. Payment was prompt. Thanks!
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Ivan bought a Darkvoice 336i from me. Very smooth transaction, and I recommend him!
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Ivan bought another custom LOD from me.

First class buyer as always, excellent communications and instant payment as promised.

A pleasure to deal with.

Thanks Ivan!
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Sold my 5 pros to monolith - was a quick payment and all around good buyer.
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Sold some tubes to Ivan. Another great transaction! Thanks.
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Sold Ivan my Corda headsix amp. He was great to deal with and payed immeadiatley upon making the deal. Thanks for your patience Ivan. Would do business again anytime..
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I sold Ivan a "Core" cable management device for his headphones/IEM's. His payment was lighting fast (PayPal), communication was great, and a complete asset to Head-Fi.

Another cool Head-Fi'er..

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