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I just found out about this phenomenon. I am a believer that it is not "myth" because I've read enough comments here from people I trust and posts at other forums where people swear by the scph-1001 as a source. I live for smooth, easy to listen to equipment and I have high hopes for the PS1 one's I've ordered (I ordered two to make sure I get a "proper" unit. BTW, If somebody wants to try one, go to Amazon and do a search for scph-1001 then go to the used section there's an amazon seller called "Swordkiller" who I wrote and says he has a bunch of the Scph-1001s. He sells them for $21.39 shipped. I ordered one from him and one from ebay. Just make sure you email him first and specifically request he send a scph-1001. Really excited to hear one. I am also into the habit of leaving my equipment on ALL the time (I have a damn adcom amp that's been running non-stop since 1996!), so I have no problem letting my PS1 "warm up." I need to find Cheberts' posts here again and follow his mod. I think it was just a powercord that brought the PS1 up to steller sound for him.

Do I believe a $250 (originally) spinner could sound as good as a $5k player? Absolutely, I've long felt that the difference in sound (I'm talking electronic/sonic output, not construction) between a Krell and a Kmart in the long run is just a couple different parts that probably don't amount to more that $40 bucks. When people send off players for $500 mods, do you think company's are adding more to a stock player than a couple bucks in parts? As the modders here know, you can drop a $4 opamp into a cmoy and completely change its sound. Why isn't it totally possible to create great sound inexpensively? I don't think it is. I buy guitar pedals from boutique guys for $300 bucks and there are about $10 worth of parts in some of them. It's all about the circuit. I hate to say this, but at the last Head-fi meet, I preferred someone's little transistor headphone amp the size of a matchbook to this big hulking steel and glass tube monster costing 100x more. All about the circuit and the voicing. And I can only image that its intended purpose must have something to do with its sound signature. If I were designing a GAME system meant to show off Bangs, booms! and virtual environments, I'd look for these qualities - dynamics, impact and a strong sense of space. I'm betting this player has those attributes, and that always makes for a stimulating listen.
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Does anyone know a way to muffle the high pitched spinning sound that comes from the Playstation?
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strange to think that the CDP running at 1X playing audio CD is making a spinning sound. I hear nothing from my 2 samples.
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Originally Posted by powertoold View Post
Does anyone know a way to muffle the high pitched spinning sound that comes from the Playstation?
Is that heard through the speakers, or out of the physical unit?
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Originally Posted by powertoold View Post
Does anyone know a way to muffle the high pitched spinning sound that comes from the Playstation?
i made a damping disk made out of a an old cdr, a layer of felt and a few pennies (so its not very heavy, i don't want to wear the motor out) that sits on top of a cd when the ps1 is playing. it dampens the sound well, although does not remove the spinning sound completely. if you do this you will need to modify the inside lid for it to fit when its shut.
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I remember an old friend that used to turn his PS1 upside down because he had worn out the device that moves the laser back and forth and it created a buzzing. Try turning the unit upside down and see if that stops the noise.
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The rumor is true. Even without any modifications it is an excellent CD player. Not harsh, clean, accurate and detailed but just a little 'bright'. Finding one in good condition is the challenge. I found one that was pristine ~ barley used. I'm certain that a better CD player such as as Naim Audio whatnot would sound better, but for $20 this is very good.

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I just found a SCPH-1001 model no. console at a Goodwill for only about $10. I need a better power cable/supply for it since mine is a bit faulty, but for the small price, it sure was worth the money. I don't think I will "mod" it as others have since I prefer originality. The only thing mine needs is some cleaning. tongue.gif I haven't made any comparisons yet, but I like what I hear.

Originally Posted by donsdream View Post
Not harsh, clean, accurate and detailed but just a little 'bright'. Finding one in good condition is the challenge. I found one that was pristine ~ barley used.

I can agree on both of these statements. Mine, however, has a few dings in it, but it appears only cosmetic. I love it so far and will use it as a source for my speaker system.



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Sound quality is listener subjective, and it never ceases to amaze me when people commnent on something in complete ignorance, pretending to know what they are talking about. My Golden Ear Triton Two Tower speakers coupled with my Rotel RSP 1066 pre amp, powered by my Bryston B4 Audiophile Amp has been tested by no less than 10 different CD players of higher end quality ranging from Marantz to Yamaha. High end cables used. Tried every concievable configuration from relying on the Rotels DAC processor from the cd players straight digital source to source audio bypass on the pre-amp so as to test the CD players own DAC. The PS1 SCPH 1001 was unmodified except for the spiked feet I mounted on the bottom of the unit.The PS1 was placed on top of a 16 inch square bambooo cutting board which was glued to the top of a 16 inch square 2 inch thick concrete block which was placed on top of an inflated 16 inch bicycle tire insert. This absorbed all resonant frequencies both internal and external which in turn created a presence and soundstage beyond description.Is the PS1 as good as they claim? No, it's better, and it is now my main CD listening source.

P.S. I forgot to mention the SCPH 1001 was played through the Rotel CD direct, bypassing the Rotels DAC, thereby playing purely from the PS1's DAC. If you rely on DAC reconversion from the amp, expect substandard sound.
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I have a 1001 playstation and yes its a good CD player. Its not the greatest though as there is a rolloff on both bass and treble. Bass is light but tight. The signal is also weaker than any CD player I compared. You need to turn the amp up quite a bit. No big deal as I didn't notice any extra noise. I am curious though why the much lower signal. I assume lower voltage.


Overall though I was pretty shocked that it was pretty "analog" sounding. And yes its probably a better player than most of the big box standalone CD players that cost $200-$300. I tried several that cost up to about $400 and the playstation held its own beating them all for its "analog" sound. It simply sounds less harsh. But several players have more bass and more treble. This is both good and bad as the other players tend to get boomy and harsh which makes me think they are just boosting the frequencies? I really don't know as I am not an electronics engineer. All I know is while the Playstation was certainly not intended for this use and the parts used don't seem anything special .... it actually does sound good. The other players had more volume and at first sounded like they were going to be better. However all were a little harsh for longer term listening. This is really apparent with old analog recording like Elvis CD's. His voice sounded more real on the PS1. Also very apparent on 80's rock like Accept with mid laden guitar tone. The PS1 sounded like the vinyl with smooth mids. The other players tend to "unround" the mids a bit.


I put zero stock in the absurd claims like modding it with a better power supply, riding a cushion of air, modding the output stage etc etc. It makes sense for sure but once you do all that its still an ugly little plastic grey box that looks terrible in a grown ups living room. Might as well just get a Marantz 6004, Yamaha CD300 or something at that point. Personally my time is worth more than $10 and hour so if I can buy something beautiful that sounds as good I will over polishing a turd. But my "turd" PS1 sounds good so I keep is tucked away and use it as a source to compare until I find a decent player that beats it. Soon as I find a player that has the smoothness and the larger frequency spectrum that'll be the winner. None of the big box standalone Cd players did. Than the PS1 will be relegated to the workshop where looks don't matter.


You need to try the 1001 ... those who are trying other playstations are not going to hear anything good. Several people seem to be missing the point that only the 1001 will do it. Whatever cheap, CD drive like components/design are working are in the 1001 only. Others just sound muddy. The 1001 (different countries have different last digits 1001, 1002, etc) are still $20-$30 on Ebay so the rumour hasn't even driven prices up. But if its not the 100x series than forget it.


I haven't had any high end CD players to compare. I don't think I should have to pay $2ooo plus for a CD player personally which is what the high end one seem to start at. I wouldn't mind if it was going to solid parts and research but their is so much BS in the audiophile world that many companies probably aren't using better parts than the PS1. I am especially suspicious of the models I see in big glossy ads all the time. Obviously that advertising is worked in the price. Most audiophiles are self illusionists anyway. They will convince themselves of anything to justify why spending $7000 on a DAC makes them superior humans. Never mind they are fat, bald old farts living with a fat woman that hates them (which is OK because they find themselves attracted to the neighbor boy anyway) and working for the man .... that all goes away when their $500 cable makes them superior to the idiot across the street with his $10 cable. And don't you dare connect your speakers with cheap copper wire. It needs to be bough in bulk by monster and resold to you as oxygen free .. something you have no way of testing to be true/false ... just trust them and pay up as its oxygen free. Right now the audiophiles are rolling their eyes as Monster is so yesterday ... they have the even more expensive "boutique" cable made from virgins hair.

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I personally find the PS One a great dedicated source, but I feel you only can determine the detail with a higher end setup.

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