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Originally Posted by JayDogon View Post

Pacific Rim

Kung Fu Panda

Batman Begins


and the dark knight rises theme( if batman begins and the dark knight rises have different tracks).





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anything with Vangelis.


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Dead Man, by Jim Jarmusch starring Johnny Depp.

Score by Neil Young.


Neil Young recorded the soundtrack by improvising (mostly on his electric guitar, with some acoustic guitar, piano and organ) as he watched the newly edited film alone in a recording studio.



Also, a notable mention goes to The Crow staring Brandon Lee. Fantastic soundtrack with tracks from The Cure, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Rage Against the Machine, Nine Inch Nails, Pantera,  Rollins Band, Stone Temple Pilots etc.


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@modulor Drive?

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The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy


Blade Runner


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Miles Davis, Jack Johnson

 and this has John McLaughlin in top form too.

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I'm currently really enjoying Joe Hisaishi's soundtrack to 


- Princess Mononoke

- Spirited Away


Music that's universal and yet has that distinctive Japanese touch. Also reminds me of my youth.  


It's been mentioned before, but for the same reasons as Hisaishi's music, the Jurassic Park soundtrack, I will hold dear in my heart.

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The Lord of The Rings Soundtrack

The Hobbit Soundtrack

We Were Soldiers Soundtrack

Platoon Soundtrack

Pearl Harbor Soundtrack

Anything by John Williams or Howard Shore

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Most of Tarantino's have fairly good soundtracks, I especially like Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown!



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Originally Posted by jeffnev View Post

Most of Tarantino's have fairly good soundtracks, I especially like Pulp Fiction and Jackie Brown!




This Tarantino soundtrack is absolutely awesome ;)



It's a spaghetti western with soul and rap. Who could ask for more? It's great.


It's not my favorite soundtrack of all time, but it's very good.

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For golden age film:


King's Row, The Seahawk (Erich Korngold)

Ben Hur (Miklos Rozsa)

Citzen Kane, Vertigo, Psycho (Bernard Hermann)


For more modern stuff, beginning with the 60s:

The Magnificent Seven

Star Wars (despite the Korngold ripoff)

The Godfather

Clockwork Orange

Empire of the Sun

Henry V (Kenneth Branagh version)

The Commitments

Tous Les Matins du Monde (the closest thing I've heard to audiophile grade sound in a theater, and I don't even like early classical music)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Lord of the Rings

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The Commitments is a great suggestion edgeworth

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I just downloaded the Clueless soundtrack after listening to it on tape for years. Still great after all these years! Change by The Lightning Seeds. http://open.spotify.com/album/3OrviLrUARxsTuGdWdQTMh if you want to listen.

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I know its not a movie but a show but the One Piece soundtracks worth a mention, including the music from some of the movies.

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