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The Saint
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GF 1,2,3
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Spinal Tap
A Bridge Too Far
Pan's Labyrinth
The Longest Day ()
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Dracula 2000 Nice heavy soundtrack. Where I first heard (hed)p.e.
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Probably has to go to Wes Anderson's soundtracks in general. The Royal Tennenbaums and especially Rushmore were absolutely fantastic. He has a knack for great music in his films, much like other legends such as Scorsese.

In original scores, I've been partial to Air's work on The Virgin Suicides.
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Pleasantville -- nice, simple collection that doesn't fail to relax me.
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I'm surprised nobody has mentioned "October Sky" yet. It's impossible to find nowadays though without paying $50 on ebay for it.
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Shakespeare in Love

Seba.... I also have the Vangelis - 1492 Conquest of Paradise, nice listening.
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I would distinguish between soundtracks, and "songs from the motion picture..." compilations.

For soundtracks, I would name:

Apocalypse Now (it does contain "The End" by The Doors, but most is compositions by Walter Murch featuring Mickey Hart & The Rhythm Devils, and spoken word pieces from the film by Martin Sheen)
Star Wars
The Godfather (I and II)
Blade Runner
Midnight Express
Blue Velvet
Lost Highway
Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me
Destroy All Monsters (a Toho Studios Godzilla film - has an epic score)
Love & Death (Woody Allen film, all music by S. Prokofiev)

For "songs from the motion picture..." compilations, I would name:

The Harder They Come
Reservoir Dogs
Cooley High
Dead Presidents
SLC Punk
The Big Chill

If we're going to include concert films and/or documentaries, I will add:

Stop Making Sense
The Last Waltz
The Decline Of Western Civilzation (1 and 2)

That is all.
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I hope the deluxe edition is available on disc.  

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background music of the death race is really awesome..

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Dr. Zhivago

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

Blue Velvet

Mulholland Drive


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Bourne Trilogy (Havent given the bourne legacy soundtrack a try yet, might be because i hate the movie :cool: )

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Disturbed - Down With The Sickness
Dawn of the dead (2004) it was such a fitting song :P
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Pacific Rim

Kung Fu Panda


Team America

True Grit

V for Vendetta

Batman Begins

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Life of Pi

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind

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