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So does anyone on head-fi read any good webcomics? List your favorites.

My favorites:
21 Dead Monkeys
Questionable Content
Scary Go Round
Sam & Fuzzy
North World
Nothing Nice to Say
Patrick Grey
Lucid TV
Three Panel Soul
rice boy
Stuff Sucks
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I'm a fan of Cyanide & Happiness, Ctrl + Alt + Del, and Applegeeks.
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The Noob!
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Originally Posted by Capital R View Post
Ctrl + Alt + Del
Me too! Yay!
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Order of the Stick, simply the best webcomic I've ever read.
Bonus points if you're familiar with D&D mechanics, but it's readable without also, you'll just not get some of the jokes.

It starts out as a series of 1-2 page gag stories, but develops to something more epic later on (past strip 100 or so), and the art gets alot better also.
For a comic about stick figures, the complexity of the art surpasses most other webcomics I've seen, just look at some of the later strips where there's large battles on the screen with 50+ goblins.
The style is unique, and works out very well for the comic, and it's really attractive also, imo.

Oh and, Inverloch is really nice also, great art, drawn manga style.
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Cyanide & Happiness, xkcd for me.
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No one mention Perry Bible Fellowship before?

And I ocassionally enjoy Penny Arcade too
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Originally Posted by goldenratiophi View Post
Cyanide & Happiness, xkcd for me.
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I was a big fan of Piled Higher and Deeper at . Funny grad school comic.
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Penny Arcade, VG Cats, Fanboys, Slackerz, RPG-TV, CAD, Starslip Crisis, PVP Online, Awkward Zombie, Cartridge Comics, Rooter Teeth
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Also, CAD, Penny-Arcade, Homestarrunner, Perry Bible Fellowship, Garfield
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Megatokyo, Misfile, Real Life, applegeeks...
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least i can do, penny arcade, userfriendly, player vs player, red vs blue, VGcats, kevin and kell, fanboys online and PBF
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Why does PBFComics only have 2 mentions!?

My full list of semi-frequent reads:
Penny Arcade
VG Cats
PVP Online
Cyanide & Happiness
Left-Handed Toons
And a few others I can't remember off the top of my head.
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I only read Sinfest daily...I think it is hilarious.
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