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FS: Denon D5000s PRICED TO SELL  

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After getting my L3000s, the D5000s have seen no action at all, so it's time to sell.

I am the second owner, but the headphone has received very little play because the first owner sold it very quickly. So I'm not even sure if it's fully burned-in yet because I've only used them for about 20 hours after I bought them.

There are some cosmetic blemishes with the headphone, but functionally they are PERFECT. Please see pictures below.



lettering on the left cup is completely gone. This has been noted as an usual occurrence with these headphones. Functionally you can identify which is left and right by putting the headphones on because the pads are fitted different.


The lettering on the right cup is beginning to wear out.


As you can see, there is a scuff on the cable near the plug where the tear in the outer-sleeve of the cable is showing the cotton inner-sleeve. This does not affect the sound AT ALL. There is no drop out of signal whatsoever. It is only a cosmetic blemish

I do not have the original packaging carton but will pack with extra care toward safety. I've sold a lot of headphones before, and none of them has arrived damaged or DOA.

Price: $250 shipped within the CONUS. If you are in the DC metropolitan area for the next week and are willing to do pick up, then the price will be $225. New ones sell on PriceJapan for $500, and that's not including shipping, so this baby is priced to MOVE, quickly.

I have excellent feedback; just visit my feedback thread. Please PM with your interest. Thanks.
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Mine! ygpm!
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This is not a discussion forum. If the rhy has a problem with the way this was handled, he can post feedback.
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