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IEM needs

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I am reconsidering IEMs again. UM1, ER6i, E3c, UE Super.fi3, pretty much the whole $100USD category. Who wins for comfort, sound, durability? I've heard the UM1's are super comfy, but can any tri-flange tips by other companies fit them? I want something with enough options in tips that i can make them work for me. Closed cans seem to be a dead end for isolation+sound so I'm back to cramming things in my ears...
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One Bump for the night crowd
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I find the super.fi 3's really comfortable because of the memory cord, and the sound is fantastic, shure e3c's are pretty much said to have bad sound quality for price. I would say the real competition is between the ER-6i's and the SF3's, but some people like westone's a lot. One question...music you listen to?
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To get the dialogue started, I'll say that I have the Ety ER6i's and the Shure E3C's, of the ones on your list. I find that the Ety's take a variety of tips, including my current favorite, the short Comply foamies (yes, a modest extra expense, but we're talking secure fit, excellent comfort, clear -- if bright -- sound and excellent isolation ... for me, foamies transformed the Etys from fiddly to very well liked). The ER6i's also are supposed to take the very popular Shure black foamies, which don't need to be replaced as often. I found the Ety bi-flanges to isolate perhaps the best, but the sound depends on the fit, and the seal would shift occasionally on me ... with the foamies, the Etys stay put (which is what I want in in-ears). The tri-flanges aren't as diabolical as they look ... I just don't like them. YMMV.

I'm not thrilled with the sound of the Shures with players on flat settings (iPods), but they do isolate about as well as the Etys. They seem sturdy, but just check out the recent threads on Shure cables ... as has been said before, Shure is better regarded at higher (more expensive) levels than the E3 series.

Phones (in order of purchase):
Sony MDR71, Sony MDR51, Etymotic ER6, Panasonic RP-HJ50, Shure E3C, Koss PortaPro 2, Creative EP630, Etymotic ER6i, Sennheiser PX-100, Sennheiser HD555, Future Sonics Atrio M5
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By request, my music preferences include but are not limited to...
Progressive Rock
Death Metal
Classic Rock (Beatles to Zeppelin)
Punk (hear and there)
Rock in general.
I would like IEMs that work well for everything, have a balanced EQ, and will be comfortable all day.
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well I was wearing the sf3's for the last 3 hours, just took them out, and i have no discomfort or pain.
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I do have a question on the super.fi's. They seem big in box, do they stick out far when listening or remain relatively tucked away in your ears. They look big when i seem them.
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The sf3's stick out about 1/2cm from my ears.
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I'm not sure, but I bet you could do the flip mod for the SF3's like you do with the SF5 pro's. I own both, just too lazy to try. That will stop them from sticking out.

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For your mucical taste the d-JAYS would fit the bill..
Unless you are a basshead, then they will no suite your taste..

They sit flat on/in your ears and do not stick out..

The only downside is that you have to make the foamies yourself to get the greatest isolation and for me comfort, the tips provided is also quite comfotable and isolating, but I wear mine at work (in a noisy inviroment 75-85 db, 8 hours a day) so I do need a bit more isolation than the standard tips can provide, I also think that they sound better with foamies, but that is a matter of taste I think..
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