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CD Player recommendation for a novice audiophile

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Based on what I've read from the forums, the Denon DCM-370 is a highly recommended budget CDP. But are there other CDPs at the same price range ($500 or less) that match the sound quality of the DCM-370? (A headphone jack is a must)

The headphone that I'll be using is Sony MDR-CD3000.

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Consider Sony SCD-C333ES (SACD) CD


Are you near one of the Good Guy's Store's ? (West Coast only) ,...if so, they have the Sony 333ES SACD/CD player for $399 . This is an amazingly good deal .

I'm not trying to sell you on SACD (though I am a big fan) ; it's hard to beat as a CD player in it's class. It has a headphone output, though the headphone output on all the CD players I've tried (including the 333ES) is just pretty good/ handy. Down the line I'd think of an amp too .

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there are quite some cdp's in that pricerange. do a search, there were similar questions a few weeks ago.
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Try the NAD CD Player, Marantz, AHA! Tjoeb or Rega Planet (if you can find one used.)

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Well here I go...

Pioneer DV-343 DVD player transport...

ART DI/O D/A convertor..

$300... tough to beat, not at $500 for redbook.
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I'm not sure about the 333's jack, but the Denon has a VERY loud headphone jack. I would not recommend using a high sensitivity, low impedance headphone like the CD3000 with the Denon (which is a very nice player for the price on the RCA output side), since you won't even be able to get started on the music before it get's too loud.

Ideally, you should still use a headphone amp with the CDP...those 3000s certainly do benefit from one. If you get the Denon, you could factor in a headphone amp and still remain under $500.
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I *completely* agree with monk. I'll go out on a limb and say that for $399 you can't get a better Redbook player, plus you get SACD ability.

(Yes, I love this player )
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Thanks for all your comments!

Man I really wish I were back in CA so I can go to the Good Guys right now and get the c333es. But I don't plan to go back any time soon. I did check goodguys.com and the c333es wasn't there.

I searched the net but the only dealer that has the 333es with a decent return policy (no restocking fee) is Crutchfield. It's an outlet item for $630. As you can see, that's a big difference from $399. So I don't really know what my next move is regarding this Sony CDP. I'm gonna go to a big electronic store in Omaha tonight and see what they have.

While we're on the subject of Sony CDPs, what do you guys think about the following models:


Thanks again!!
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Give JandR.com a call (number on the website) and ask them to pricematch GoodGuys. P.S. the 333ES is on their site, but it's hard to find -- you need the direct URL. Someone posted a pdf of their ad here, and that pdf has the URL on it.
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I found the pricematch pdf but it didn't work.

I did order the C333ES from jandr for $520 with free shipping.
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Congrats! Tell us what you think when you get it.
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grrr... jealous... grrr
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I'll report with pleasure!

BTW, what's the proper way to burn-in the C333ES and the MDR-CD3000? What kind of music should I use?

Thanks again!
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Nico, in my opinion, burn that sucker in with the music you listen too, and burn it in by listening to it. I am not a fan of the "plug it in and let it run for days bfore you listen to it" school of burn in. That ain't no fun. Plug that sucker in sit back and enjoy.
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