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SR-100s........the unGrado Grado!

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I gotta tell somebody about these headphones (my wife is not a good listener when it comes to this stuff). They've been my headphone of choice for the day (right now I'm listening to Eric Clapton: Unplugged. The pads are the current bowl shaped ones. I'm using a Radio Shack 3904 CDP with a JMT built cmoy/hansen/apheared design portable amp with a Straightwire mini to mini interconnect.
These 'phones are unlike any Grados currently made in terms of their smoothness and organic sound......just about everything is present (tight bass, details, realistic midrange), with absolutely NO harshness whatsoever. Voices sound particularly good as they have a fullness that even the 325s lack. The only weakness I can find is the smaller soundstage as compared to the higher end Grados with larger chambers and a very slight roll off in the high frequencies. This roll-off may contribute to the absolutely non-fatiqueing sound quality. I've had these things on just about all day with no discomfort, neither sonic nor physical. They are not as "in your face" as the current Grado SR series, yet the detailed sound Grado is famous for is there in spades. I think the sturdier head band also gives a more secure feel on one's head, without having to be clamped tightly.
Anyone in the market for a Grado headphone that is unlike any out there would do well to search these babies out. I paid $50 delivered. Thanks for listening.....I feel better now.
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Any idea how long ago that model was discontinued?

Is it similar in appearance to the 80's?
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For $50 shipped they sound like a dream
Post pics if you have any, this is a very interesting topic, I remember you telling us about them before at Headwize, but I thought they were just like regular Grados....Anyone wanna sell their SR-100's??? Contact me!
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Yeah, those are those cool Red and Black Grados, very nice.
Maybe, you need to look for some SR-200's next for a bigger headstage.
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mbriant, I believe (I could be wrong) it was introduced in the early '90s, and discontinued around '96 or '97. I wish the Grado website would have some historical info and pics.
As for looks, they look just like the SR-80s except for the red lettering on the earcups and the more substantial headband with the round steel rod running through the top of it, similar to the HP-1s.
sapphiremodena, no pics yet......still workin' on it.
kr, I'm always on the lookout for old Grados. I'm definitely interested in the SR-200s and SR-300s (I wonder if they were aluminum like the 325s?)
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After the HP-1, HP-2, and HP-3. Grado released these, I think, but I am not sure what the 1st line up was, but it may have been :

maybe SR-300? I never seen these, were these the infamous black metal 325's?

then the RS-1.

the 80's were released later.

Then the 100's were replaced by the

then the RS-2 were released

and then the SR-40's.

I think that's the right timeline, if I made any mistakes, please let me know.
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Thanks for listening.....I feel better now.
That ok joe, that's what we're here for.
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