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Hi Ken, I'm waiting on my UE11's to show up, then I will send you the pics of my new and improved rig(s). The anticipation is killin me!
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Hey Ken, I've sent you the picture of my rig!
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Those match veryyyy nicely.
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For portable, I just strap a 16Gb iAudio 7 to the Predator in its pouch (to prevent scratches).

UE11 Pro, RSA Predator, and Ultrasone Edition 9 in the back.

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Apple Lossless -> iPod Classic 160gb -> ALO Jumbo Cryo -> RSA Predator -> UE11 Pro

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Awesome rig!
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this is my rig.. just awating my FreQShow's..

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If those aren't your Freqshows in your avatar, what are those?
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Originally Posted by mrdeadfolx View Post
If those aren't your Freqshows in your avatar, what are those?
those are UE 11's mate... im waiting for my freqshows to get back...
UE 11's are the goal i've set for years end.. =)
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OK, Ken, the "trans"portable (desktop) version:

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man, wheres all the Ipod Photo guys
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They are trapped in 2003, with the iPod Photo.
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Just got the SE530 to replace my FreQshow customs.
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With the newly added Ultra Micro DAC, my work rig is very much impressing me. It sounds freaking fantastic.

... now I wonder what a fancy pants mini-to-mini will do.

(MacBook Pro via USB) -> HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC w/ Astrodyne power supply -> Cardas 6" mini-to-mini -> RSA "The Predator" -> UE11

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