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Originally Posted by indysmith View Post
tasty. could do with some nice IEMs though...

Oh, and apologies for the terrible iSight camera webcam quality :P
That really takes the iPod to a nearly vintage level. I really like the look.
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Originally Posted by HiFight77 View Post
You are set on the portable source front! Very nice looking stuff.
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Is this the iSkin Evo?
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Here's my portable rig....

I LOVE this set up! Been using my LiveWires mostly...but just ordered up a little somethin' special from Ken tonight....ALO modded HFI780s with the Jenna cable! Can't wait!

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Wow nice setup. I really want a Diablo now, I didn't know they were that small. I bet it sounds wonderful.
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Nothing fancy like some of the gorgeous setups you all have. Sounds better than anything else I see on the metro

5G Ipod, ALO LOD, MiniBoxE+, SR225

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my new rig

Hey Ken

Well my set-up is

Creative Zen 32gig , RS Predator amp , Jumbo Mini to Mini , Bose on ear Headphones .

Computer as Server , Rs Predator on USB , Sennheiser 600 , Jena Labs 18g Cryo cable for sennheisers .

Ken the Headphone & Cable combo is Killer . Should get better as they Burn in .

Jack C

VAC amp , Audio Research Preamp

Proac Response 2s Speakers , Musical Fidelity A324 DAC ,
Accuphase Tuner ,Rotel RCD 990 , Silver Audio Cables and more ...
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Portable rig:

REALLY portable rig:

The family photo
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^^ Man those rigs are niiice.
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Nice rip PICS
I am enjoy watching these photos.

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5.5 Imod with cotton dock and vcap portable with custom cyro x rca to mini interconnect to pico amp. Used with Sennsaphonics 2x-s iems. It all fits nicely in a headroom micro bag.
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Hey folks.

I am putting a image gallery on the web page of peoples portable set ups / home rigs and gear. Please submit your photos to this address for posting on the web page.

Thanks for your pics!

Ken @ ALO
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Calling all Head-fi'ers

Please send pics of your rigs to

The ALO Gear Gallery is up !!! here

ALOaudio Gear Gallery
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