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Quick Question

Originally Posted by thread View Post
With the newly added Ultra Micro DAC, my work rig is very much impressing me. It sounds freaking fantastic.

(MacBook Pro via USB) -> HeadRoom Ultra Micro DAC w/ Astrodyne power supply -> Cardas 6" mini-to-mini -> RSA "The Predator" -> UE11

Quick question for you, since I don't have your high-end equipment. If you are using your MBP via USB (same here), why aren't you using the DAC in the Predator? Is the Headroom Ultra Micro DAC that much better?

I'm not challenging you, I'm just trying to learn from others like yourself.

Thanks. It looks very nice, and congrats on your UE11's (lucky guy!).

By the way, what does UE call the Color of your cable and the specific Color/Finish of your UE11's?
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I've been using the DAC in the Predator for most of this year. Yes, the Ultra Micro DAC is quite a big improvement. I'm very much enjoying the engaging sound coming from this little one... I read somebody compare it to the Benchmark DAC1 in another thread -- clear and analytical. I think I have some pretty impressive synergy between these two, actually.

My UE11 are translucent black with the minimal UE logo. I opted for the shorter, black cable.

Thanks for your comments.

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Thanks for your helpful information. It was very enlightening to know how you have compared the two instruments and the improvements you have noticed.

I am always interested to learn from people who have the same equipment base that can share what they have learned first-hand. Sometimes it good, sometimes great, and sometimes..well, those are times that we don't want to explain to our wives the mistake we just made (and hope that we can sell it later). We call those Whoooooops!

Sounds like you are on a very good path.

You have the best of the best!

Thanks again for sharing.

(still can't believe you've got UE-11s AND the two DACs/Amp. Man!! )
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You're very welcome! What can I say... I'm a crazy man.
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thread's rig must sound amazing. I wish I could get a Headroom Ultra Micro DAC as well, but unfortunately I can't.
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Ken, I tried to use the link you provided us to see the photo gallery, but it returns and error message. Was the gallery removed?

Thanks in advance.
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I don't think the redesigned page has the photo gallery any more. I could be wrong though.
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Thread Starter 
Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
Ken, I tried to use the link you provided us to see the photo gallery, but it returns and error message. Was the gallery removed?

Thanks in advance.
Sorry, its located in "community" ---> pop down window then "gallery"

ALO Audio » Gallery

Sorry I have been lazy about checking the email for the submission page. Please keep submissions coming email them to me and I will post em,


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I'll surely get some new photos of my portable rig and I'll send them to you Ken. Thanks!
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Posted this in a new thread... thought I should share it here, too.

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Here is my work setup. Yea, I know I have posted this on another thread but it is appropriate here as well.

The computer is a Dell Mini 910 with 16 gigs SSD and a 16 gig miniSCHD card. I have a Passport 320 Gig outboard USB drive which is nice since it is powered off the USB port and does not need it's own AC plug. The out board hear drive hold all my FLAC files. I use JRiver Media player as shown. The iBasso Boa is shown on the right. The mouse is the Keningston Bluetooth Track/Mouse and works like a charm, very slim and light. That is a Headroom TBH in the picture on the lower right also. I load all my programs on my miniSDHD card. I use a hacked driver from an HP notebook that lets the card be read as an internal hard drive instead of a removal card.

Right now the I use this with the iBasso Boa since the Nuforce Icon Mobile case needs to be replaced with the later edition to allow the larger eight inch plugs to work well.

The small unit is my Sansa Fuse and Nuforce Icon Mobile just to the right of the mouse. I think so far I prefer the Icon Mobile to the Boa and TBH. The Fuse earbuds are not bad but I certaintly prefer either of the two Audio-Technica headphones shown, the ESW9 on the left as shown or ESW10JPN on the left. My preference is for the ESW10JPN between them.

Below is my iMod, Auricap Doc and ALO Super Cotton Doc cable that I got from Ken. Here they are by themselves:

With a larger case to carry to work I may start taking this iMod and Auricap doc and the Ultrasone Edition 9, who knows.

So, I am a little flush with transportables and portables right now. A little later in the new year I may have to rethink what I want to keep.

I carry this around with a CaseLogic E-Sling large case. I may be getting a slightly larger vertical briefcase for Christmas which is to be opened later today, maybe. At least this is the one I picked out:

Dimensions: 14'' x 12'' x 6'' inches.
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slwiser, you need to buy more toys. You do not seem to have enough, and I would hate for you to feel deprived. :-)
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Originally Posted by mrarroyo View Post
slwiser, you need to buy more toys. You do not seem to have enough, and I would hate for you to feel deprived. :-)
Usually with this amount of accumulation I start clearing things out a little after I settle on what are keepers. The Fuse/Nuforce are very portable keepers. The ESW10JPN is a keeper. The Dell Mini 9 is a keeper. The other stuff can and may very well be invited to go. I am interested in testing out the TTVJ portable Millet Hybrid amp and expect it in the house next week if Todd gets is shipped.
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here is mine ... more transportable

Imod 5.5g + Singularity lod + ALO vcaps + Singularity mini2mini + RSA Hornet + TF10s

* In my modded Hippocase

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slwiser, I had the TTVJ Millet Portable Amp. It is a lovely amp which transported me to an "small, dark and smokey jazz club". Just don't bang it or the tubes will ping.
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