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List of DAPs with Resume Play?

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I have a Memorex MMP8640, and it does not have Resume Play (ie when DAP is turned off, then back on later, it will resume play where it paused/stopped.)

My older iRiver IFP-395T had this feature and I LOVED IT. I listen to alot of 2 hour DJ mixes and having the Resume Play is a must!

Is there a list of known DAPs that have this feature? I hope Memorex will implement this in a newer Firmware or a maybe hacked Firmware.
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A lot of players have this. To name a few, the iPod, my Kenwood HD30GB9, iRiver H10 (I think), and my Sony NW-HD1.
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Some Archos players have this feature

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The (fantastic) Cowon D2 has this. It also offers bookmarks for audio and video, such that you can mark your position in as many media files as you'd like and come straight back to that point at any time.

For the amount of research I've put into DAPs, for me to consider the D2 to be the best flash memory player on the market says something. I highly recommend you check it out. I sure love mine.
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I believe this is a common feature for most DAP nowadays. Even Rockbox has full support for bookmarking and full resume.

The only thing that I can think of not having this feature is some very old DAP - and that has to be VERY old because even Rio Karma has resume support LOL!
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Actually, it's not as common as you'd might think; and bookmarking files is rare indeed. Zune, for example, will not resume if you do a full shut-off (hold the down direction and press play until the system shuts off.) The kicker here is that most DAPs actually remain on in a sort of "sleep" mode even after being shut off to maintain this resume feature. The D2, on the other hand, can be completely shut off while still maintaining both the resume feature and bookmarks, saving you a good deal of battery power. Heck, it even resumes video (and saves your place in each video you play.) To my knowledge, that's pretty unheard of in the DAP world as well.

I don't mean to sound like a Cowon sales person, but the D2 really deserves some credit for its feature set. Most of its abilities are either unique to it, or enhanced versions offered on other devices.
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I know the Apple iPod hve this feature. But it cant be the only one...
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Just to chip in:
-iPods: support resume. Doesn't loose resume after charging with AC adaptor nor going to deep sleep mode. Loose resume after syncing/connecting to iTunes/PC. You can continue where you left off (even after playing other files) on anything (music/video) by adjusting the media properties in iTunes (enabled by default for videos).
-Sony NW003: support resume, but loose resume (back to the first track of the first album) after charging with AC adaptor and PC connection.
-Sony NW-S706F: support resume. Loose resume (to the beginning of the current track) after charging with AC adaptor. Loose resume completely after PC connection.
-Dell DJ 2nd gen: support resume. Loose resume after deep sleep mode.
-Cowon A2 (I only tested it with video): support resume, even after turning off. Loose resume after PC connection.

With DAP capability being so "advance" nowadays, I can't believe why something like resume cannot be done completely foolproof (ie. not loosing resume spot after charging/turning off). Well, at least it's more common now than gapless playback.
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The iRiver H300 series do, it's the first player I've owned with it and it's awesome!
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All iRiver H series
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Thanks everyone

Out of curiosity I checked Memorex's site, and there is a newer FW for my MMP8640. They did not state what was improved/fixed in this FW, but lets hope resume is included! Off to DL new FW.


How big is the Cowon D2? On their site it looks to be about the size of a case for a cassette tape! (which, to me, is big for a flash memory DAP)
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I might go for the iRiver X20, either 4gb or 8gb. Its smaller than my MMP8640, pretty sure it has resume play, and has SD slot.

I would go for the Clix G2, but I didn't see or read any info about a SD slot.
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Iaudio U3 can do resume too.
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I think I'll save up for a iRiver X20 8gb =)
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here's the X20 Vs the D2 in sizeasy: http://www.sizeasy.com/page/size_com...-vs-iriver-x20
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