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After listening to that band, I'd say try the following - Neurosis, Isis, Indukti, Battle of Mice, Callisto, Cult of Luna, Red Sparowes, Grails, Grayceon, Mouth of the Architect, The Mercury Program, The Ocean, Intronaut...

Images and Words (and Dream Theater in general) is neither ambient nor atmospheric, so I don't know why people recommended that to you in the first place. Likely they didn't even bother to listen to the link you provided.
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If you like Dream Theater's sound, but despise LaBrie (like I do), you need to check out Liquid Tension Experiment. It's a DT side project with Portnoy, Petrucci, Rudess (all from DT), and Levin (from King's Crimson). Absolutely fantastic stuff.
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Send the dude on deviantart a message and he will send you one for free in the mail. http://transcend2604.deviantart.com/
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Keep the replies going, guys! I like every single recommendation so far, except dream theatre.. I still don't like the vocals. ATMOSPHERIC IS THE WORD!!
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You really need to get a new avatar! I enjoy your posts but Axel's face gives them an dickish tone!

(some cool music mentioned here, thanks!)
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I'll change my avatar to maynard or something
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even Maynard would be better!
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As far as atmospheric goes, you must at least try My Bloody Valentine's "Loveless" album. Not really rock, but some of the most beautiful "noise" you will ever hear.
Be warned though: the sound sucks. But it's part of the deal. And turn it up LOUD.
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Why mention Tool either? They're just a good rock band.

A Perfect Circle (Maynard side project) is a lot more melodic and could I guess be considered a lot more 'atmospheric' with many of their songs. They're a lot more down tempo too.

As for DT, they're amazing, but I agree -- Systematic Chaos was pretty weak -- rehashy and just plain dull. To an extent I had trouble with the vocals when I first started listening to them, but like with Rush, it grows on you and you just love it. Keep trying to like them!

Although I'm not a big Pink Floyd fan or anything, doesn't their music give off an ethereal sort of vibe?
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I'll try a completely different approach to this: see if you can get a copy of the remastered "Tubular Bells" by Mike Oldfield. Perhaps this is more the type of thing you're looking for.
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Try listening to The Sky Moves Sideways or Moonloop by Porcupine Tree. Both are very atmospheric.
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you would probably like the absentee. reverie is probably the best song on the myspace.

also, check out Rosetta - The Galilean Satellites. a double album. one cd is metal and one is more ambient. you're actually supposed to play both simultaneously, and it's quadrophonic. REALLY cool. highly suggested.
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I really liked this group. Thanks for the tip.

I think that both songs are very strong for being demo songs. Wonder how they would sound in flac
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Try anything by Explosions In The Sky. They do quiet, build, loud/violent, quiet. Very atmospheric. very emotional & beautiful, if you're into it. No vocals, IIRC.
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great stuff guys, i'm a bit overwhelmed at the moment, keep the replies coming!
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