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Problem solved. Thanks Ardexx.
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Wait for Jasmine, or Casque...

Originally Posted by ardexx View Post
I sent out an email this morning to the Chinese eBay seller of the FIGARO , 3c-store, and asked him about the 'western' equivalent of the 6F3.
The tube-rolling party can begin: it is indeed a ECL85

(and this is the short version of my disclaimer)
Better wait for Jasmine, or Casque HiFi to sell the FIGARO - 3c-Store is unreliable, at best. You can read the experiences in the DV 332 thread. No cap can be worth the risk of the "issues" you could encounter with 3c-Store.
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This gorgeous little thing might just be what I've been looking for
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Good news. Jasmine Chine will be selling the FIGARO. I contacted her, and she said that she is expecting the first consignment of FIGAROs, ten amps in all, either late this month or early next month. She continued, and I quote, "there is no offical Figaro amp for sell now." Price: around $160 (£80).
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Thanks for the info Godkin. So, I suppose you are running out of excuses for not having ordered one yet

Well, you know that TURBO has already received his Figaro 2 weeks ago. He has posted some pictures in the DIY forum and as you can see there, the fascia panel of his amp has a small misprint. May be they want to solve this issue first before sending out more amps. Just a guess...
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Pretty much decided to buy the FIGARO, Ardexx. Just a matter now of waiting for Jasmine.
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I've posted this on another Head-Fi thread, but have decided to place it here as well.

My DV FIGARO arrived this morning from Jasmine. It's a Christmas present from "her indoors" so just had a quick look and listen. I also managed to secretly snap this pic while she wasn't looking.

As you'd expect from DV, the thing is built like a tank - weighing in at an impressive 4kg - and aesthetically very nice to look at. The only possible let down is a rather flimsy power switch.

But all this means nothing if the amp doesn't sound good. No fears, the FIGARO sounds great for the money (£75): very open and detailed, with a civilised treble and deep bass. There was a low level hum to begin with but that died away as the tubes bedded themselves in. It's unfair to compare the FIGARO with the 336 or 332, it's simply not in that class, but I can directly compare it with something like the REGA EAR (£100) which I owned a few years back, and it definately betters that in every respect.

As I said, only a quick listen but certainly an impressive entry level amp.
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Cool! Nice to see that they are starting to actually appear...
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Thanks, Skylab. I'm very impressed by it. Very well built. The pics don't really convey that. Right from the off, sound was crystal clear, very detailed and deep bass.

It has to be judged on its own merits, and as a first amp it's great. My first head amp was the REGA EAR, and it was okay. If I had got my hands on this little baby I would have been overjoyed.

Let's hope DV get you that sample FIGARO so that we can get a thorough review. I won't get mine now to Christmas morning. Damn!
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I wonder how it compares to the LD MKII or the LD II++
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