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new Darkvoice amp?

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it seems darkvoice is about to release a new amp. it has a very musical name::
as I heard, it's a tube amp, not hybrid and the price is $100~120 isn't it too low
for high quality parts and chassis used and fine craftsmanship? anyway, it's said to be
made for poor students but according to some people already tried it, it's damn
good for the price. good to have another sexy option in this price range...

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wow..nice and cheap
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Where do you buy it?
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Wonder how it sounds. =] Cheap and good sounding is always welcome in my books.
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Darkvoice for 100-120? I'm in, I'll just have to sell a couple of things, but man would that be sweet. I want to know where you can buy it?
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Originally Posted by n_maher View Post
a very cheap one.
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Very nice looking. Like the name and price also.
Just wondering how it sounds, but must worth the price ...
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Hmmm...looks nice. I wonder what kind of tubes it will use. If they are a common kind that will allow tube rolling, I will get one for sure - I like the form factor, and I have been really digging the DV 336i I picked up.
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Hats off for DarkVoice, this new Figaro looks VERY promising, nice design.
However, I think I will keep my 336i too
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Thats uber-sexy in all black. Me like!
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I'll have to wait and hear how it compares to the DV 336i. I sold my 336i a while back. But if this one sounds anywhere near as good as that, I will have to get one for my work setup. I can only imagine how it will sound with my Denon D2000's.
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Nice looking amp, I want one!
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I'll chime in on the looks - very nice looking! Especially the all-black version!
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A poor man's Darkvoice!
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