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Auzentech X-Meridian vs. E-MU 0404 USB

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Hi, I built a small-form-factor multimedia PC a few months ago with an Auzentech X-Meridian. I love the card and was planning on putting some LM4562 OPAMPs in there as soon as they are in stock again. :-D However, I'm going to college this fall and have already ordered my Lenovo ThinkPad X61 Tablet. I'm still planning on taking the desktop simply because I have 1TB of hard drive space in there, but I want to know if it is worth keeping the soundcard. I know it was in limited edition and has now been discontinued, so I could probably get good money for it. Anyway, the bottom line question is: would an E-MU 0404 USB sound better or equivalent to the X-Meridian w/ LM4562 OPAMPs?

Note: I use MS-1's, KSC-75's, and MylarOneX3's, though I plan on getting 250ohm DT880's in the future. Do both soundcards' headphone-outs provide an equal amount of juice?
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There are really meant for different task. Now, People around here have been giving the 0404 rave reviews. The specs and components for the 0404 look good enough. Though a few people say the X-Meridian with LM's is better sounding then the 0404. I have not tested them personally..
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X-meridian will probably sound better thanks to the upgraded opamps and better caps.
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Yeah, I figured the X-Meridian would sound better, haha. I guess for the time being, I'll use my Clix 2 for portable playback and maybe get a different, more playback-oriented USB soundcard in the future. I think Auzentech is thinking about releasing one; look at the poll on their webpage! :-D
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I'm told the regular PCI 0404 now uses the same DAC as the USB. So you could buy it and directly compare it to the Meridian, if you were so inclined. Just a thought. I think either would be fine to be honest.
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