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The Who - Live at Leeds - Best ever!

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Was "Live at Leeds" (1970) their best work ever?
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Originally Posted by amphead View Post
Was "Live at Leeds" (1970) their best work ever?
I don't think so. I'd say "Quadrophenia" and "Who's Next" are more highly regarded...Even "Tommy". But I also love "Who Are You." I have a lot of memories attached to that one.
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I think Who's Next is better, and Quadrophenia is about equal. You can't go wrong with live Who though...try and look for Live at the Isle of Wight if you can. It's a set from the same tour but with a full rendition of Tommy that stomps the studio version, and it also has different versions of a lot of the Leeds songs. A little less polished, but with more energy.
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Personally, I prefer Quadrophenia to both Live at Leeds and Who's Next. Both of those are outstanding as well, though.
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Another vote for Quadrophenia for Best Album.

I love Live in Leads. The way its recorded with Pete in one ear. John in the other with Kieth at the back and Roger in the middle. A fantastic headphone experience. You feel like you are in the crown.
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I think it's their best.
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Very difficult to choose between Live at Leeds and Who's Next.
They are both great, the band were at their peak.
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I think Live at Leeds succeeds at capturing a very specific aspect of the Who. There is no doubt that the sheer power of the Who is on display. However, depending on if you like the compositional grandeur (Quadrophenia) pop sensibility (Tommy) or the versatility (Who's Next) its easy to pcik a different album as their best.

As much as I love Leeds for what it is, it definitely isn't my pick for the most representative or most impressive Who album. (Probably Quad or Next, depending on which one I am listening to when you ask me.
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I just picked up Tommy. Might have to go pick up some more now.
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I've always loved Live at Leeds, but the expanded "deluxe version" is truly killer. It has 33 songs, with the second disc being the full version of Tommy live. I just listened to the first disc (12 songs) straight through the other day with PS-1s and I had such a great time. The Pete and Keith banter and the energy captured are awesome. The Tommy set is also great to hear live as others have said. I have the Isle of Wight DVD but I should really get the CD because it is not edited down. Should be a fun comparison with the full Leeds.

All that said, however, I think that The Who's best albums are Who's Next and Quadrophenia, and like Coltrane I change my mind which one is tops depending on mood, etc.
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Who's Next, Quadrophenia and Tommy are definitely my top three, not too much unexpected there...

...but if I'm to be truly honest, I have to put my vote in for The Who Sell Out.

Three simple reasons, really:

1) Lots of Pete on vocals
2) Plenty of tidbits, works in progress and foreshadowing to Tommy (Probably my fave out of the three above). I love that kind of stuff.

And 3? 3 is simple and bar none my favourite reason to be a Who fan.

Maryanne With the Shaky Hands
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"Who's Next," "Quadrophenia," and "Tommy" (my personal order of preference...) are culturally iconic. "Live At Leeds" is one of maybe the top dozen live albums of all time IMHO...
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Tommy for me as my favorite who album. Btw, did the Who ever do a studio recording of Magic Bus? What album? (Not live versions.)
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Btw, did the Who ever do a studio recording of Magic Bus? What album? (Not live versions.)
Yes. It was one of the first dozen or so new albums I ever bought.

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nice I'm gonna have to grab that at some point (when I get to grabbing about 1000 other albums I'm in need of)
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