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I see. I thought he meant it being closed gives the driver more movement, from the way it was worded.
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Listening more, I found that the mod was far too fatiguing. The treble was just too much for an extended period of time. So, I made ~1.5 cm holes in the middle of the cardboard rings, making donuts. The bass lost some of its attack but gained a lot of heft, and the treble was lessened. Then I pulled the cardboard out, and the headphones sounded the same.

Lesson? The main reasons for the "improvements" were half placebo (difference=improvement), half high listening levels. When I turned the Beyers up to the level I'd been listening when I'd first done the mod, I could hear all the bass impact and detail I wanted. In the end, this mod didn't really work for me. I can see where it would improve things, though. Maybe using a foam instead...

Oh, and I also saw another horrible effect of this site: I'm now not afraid of pulling apart high-end equipment and sticking cheap materials in it .
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On request I restored the pictures that got lost.
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Originally Posted by stewgriff View Post
Listening more, I found that the mod was far too fatiguing. The treble was just too much for an extended period of time. So,
Same for me.It was treble attack !!!!Can't stand that ! But its always interresting to be able to mod headphones to obtain different sound signature.For some it may be for the best but this one wasn't for me.
Had fun trying it though !
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I just read up on another thread that the DT770 and 990 have very similar, if not identical drivers. Do you have a pair of 770's that you could get your hands on to see how similar the sounds are between your modded 990 and the 770? I have a pair of DT770/80, if they sound similar or the same, I may consider doing a open/closed mod (with some kind of plug or something). That would be pretty cool I think.

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I was thinking about doing this mod. I am glad I read the whole thread!

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I mite try this mod, I don't mind taking my brand new cans apart since I play with computers for a living as is. Headphones are no big deal.


I have had my DT990 600ohm premium cans for a couple of months now and I've finally got a really good feel for the sound they put out since they are finally nicely burned in.


Sub bass-mid bass is premium quality "IMO-, In my opinion" it is punchy, clean and up front. Not sloppy at all.


The highs can tend to be a bit bright but with a minor EQ change it is not a problem for me at all. I like the fact that the highs are crisp and clear and not drowned out by anything they come through very well.


Now the mids, oh yeah those mids on the DT 990's fall rite off and get pushed back by the mid bass and sub bass. These cans sound great with R&B, some Rap, movies and games. "for under 400$ Canadian I've never had a better pair of cans for these things'' but for Metal, Hard Rock, Blues, the pushed back mids suck "IMO" I am really not impressed and for me that is a huge factor, the majority of what I listen to could be classified as Hard Rock and Metal and for me not having a nice chunky mid for the guitar, vocals and part of the drums and bass is a real pain in the ass.


This is just my opinion on the DT990 600ohm Premium cans, I know to some people it may sound like I'm being a little harsh on them for the mids falling off but it is just my opinion. I really like a strong mid sounding headphone so in that case yeah I am a little bit more opinionated about the mids falling off a bit.


Lastly I don't find the bass sloppy at all, I find it very clean and punchy. Possibly just because I have the valour cushions. "I think they probably would absorb a lot of sound, that could make a huge difference in the bass compared to the leather cushions.


I like your mod idea and the directions you put up here are great, I will try this when I get the time and post some pictures of before, during and after.  

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Nice. The mod is really easy and it is as easily undone as it is done, so there's no risk involved.

The fun thing is that you can try different things to get it exactly to your liking. I tried different materials (paper, cork, plastic, felt) and you can also try perforations in the disk (varying amount, size and placement). When you get the hang of it and a feel of the different effects it causes, it is just a question of time and patience to get it just right.

Have fun.

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Nice, I could probably do something similar on my DT770's.

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