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Post Your Dorm Setups

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Well in about a month I'm going to move into dorms, and I'm quite apprehensive about bringing all of my equipment with me. I'm definitely doing it, as I'm a music major and there is a large amount of required listening, but I have NO idea how I'm going to get it set up in the dorms.

If you guys who are living the dorm life could post pics of how you have your room/audio stuff setup I'd really appreciate it.

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Sigh i wish i had a dorm during College instead of High School Having said that i would just watch out what little things you leave around unsecured/locked up when you leave your room to wander about.

Although it doesnt happen often there are gronks out there who given the opportunity will tax your stuff
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well, this isn't much... but this is what i had going on last year:

but this coming year the A900 will be replaced by a Corda aria and Darth beyers

and my mp3 player/e500s just stayed in my backpack and were used for going around from class to class... and in the dorm when it was so freakin loud that i couldn't concentrate
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I'll bite. This is my setup from last term:

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Ill post my dorm when I move into my dorm.
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Wow, SysteX, that's a pretty sweet set-up!

I graduated in June and I haven't had a real hi-fi set-up since sophomore year (just my old Headroom Total BitHead out of my computer with Ety ER-4S and Ultrasone 650s for the last two years), but back then I had a Meridian 508 feeding my Melos SHA-1 which I still have. I used my Ety ER-4S and Alessandro/Grado MS Pro with that. I never had any problems freshman or sophomore year, but of course I always lived in a single. As long as you lock your door you should be fine...

Edit: I forgot, back then I had the Senn 600, Grado HP-2, even a K501 at some point... those were the days.
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So systex, how do you pay for tuition.
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Yeesh... The average dorm-fier must be young and well-off.

For the majority of my stay in the dorms, I had one of two computers: one from 1997, one from 1998, and a pair of Boston Acoustics Media Theater 2.1 computer speakers. Also, a mid-range Sony PCDP. And no, I didn't go to college in the '90s, I graduated this year (with a degree in music--woo!).

I kept the setup light so that no one would even want to take anything. I had an upgraded setup when I moved into an apartment last fall.
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Originally Posted by wafflesomd View Post
So systex, how do you pay for tuition.
I work. 40 hrs./week whenever school's out and 15 hrs./week whenever it's in. At $15/hr., I make do.
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@systex:: how big was ur dorm room?
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It was a single @ 11' x 9'.
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Systex wins for having the most baller dorm room setup so far. I now live in an apartment at school so I can't play in this game, although my dorm setup back in the day was probably above average.
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My dorm room in 2005:

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So everyone basically puts their gear on their desk? I was trying to figure out if a rack would fly in my room because I way too much stuff to fit on a desk. A massive CDP, rather large amp, a monster power conditioner, plus a 30in monitor...
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I brought my own desk to fit everything. This is what I had going last year:

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