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Originally Posted by ZephyrSapphire View Post
Longer than from USA to Australia ah? 2 weeks from USA to Australia shipping normally. Customs tahan 1~2 weeks. One month average. Can beat or not?

LOL. Malaysian customs. Even you can bargain with the government.
lisa took 4 days to get here, no delay in customs
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Originally Posted by qusp View Post
hows the combo with your dac->iriver??
They are easing in just nice...I would not be doing any critical listening now....not just yet. Later after 200 hours
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Lisa + LLP

I got my Lisa + LLP a couple of weeks ago to see what the fuss was all about. Got is used and broken in I suppose. Finally got around to completing the RCA cables for the Lisa. Plugged everything in and switched her on this morning, my jaws just dropped. There are numerous reviews on the Lisa so I won't go into details here. I'll just say this - this is a special amp, the reviews are true. The Lisa III is the BEST portable/transportable amp I have ever heard .

Folks that are waiting for theirs or burning her in , you are in for a real treat.

Congratulations to Triad Audio. Amazing amp.
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Just for fun...prepping my Lisa III for "portable" use...

Ultra short Mini-RCAs using solid core Pure 5N Silver + Canare Starquad grounding

Still waiting for my Switchcraft RCAs to arrive and more mods needed on the DAC side to allow RCA output
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Is their website down? I got Error 404.
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Gotta admit after being on my hybrid for a few days and coming back to Lisa i really appreciate the soundstage/separation of music layering and speed/crispness. It's nice to go back and forth sometimes, makes you see different characteristics.
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dallan, whats your experience with the esw9 with the Lisa?

efn, is that a DIY dac?

my Lisa is at 200hrs burn-in now.. how much longer must i run this pink noise through it? lol
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I think the esw9 is greatly improved with Lisa. My only problem with the esw9s is they seem a little iem to me. Kind of a lack of space, or you are hearing the sound more in your head like an iem than a big soundstage with instrument separation. Lisa is veeeerry good at instrument separation and opening the soundstage so helps them dramatically.

As far as burn in goes, with out opening up a debate, i really don't know if burn in exists, it might, but what i do know is that psychological burn in exists. In that i mean that with most components you need to get used to the sound and then decide if you like it doing abx with others that you are also used to.
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Burn in curve for Lisa III does not seem to be as apparent as other amps I have ever used. Probably due to smaller caps (smaller but more) so the burn in will not be as extensive with bigger caps.

Yes that's a HifiDIY.net PCM1793 DAC. More info in my signature.
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I didn't hear much burn in with the Lisa III. The sound did not change much at all, if any, to my ear.
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Originally Posted by jamato8 View Post
I didn't hear much burn in with the Lisa III. The sound did not change much at all, if any, to my ear.
I noticed a small amount, but I would doubt it was the lisa III, more likely to be the teflon VCAPs in my dock, I only added them pretty soon before I got the lisa. the OIMP are totally burned in (about 400hrs, with only about 40-50 on the teflon when I got lisa) I actually do 90% of my burn-in with music, that way you can hear any evolving over time.
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Lisa with her friends

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New Thread in Portable Audio for LISA


many wanted a thread in the portable section...please follow link and submit pics of your sexy rig, comments and testimonials.

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So . . . any word on when the Desktop Lisa's will be shipping?
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Hi, I just bought the LISA IIIXP at triadaudio last 2 days using paypal as payment. Did you recieve any email notice after your purchase? Because until now I did not recieve any email notice about the item reciept and shipment process, I even email Brad about this but no reply. Is this only normal? if yes how long before I can track the delivery?


Hahaha but sending them to Malaysia means that you have to wait longer
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