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I got the Lisa lll normal and it is great. No regrets, i can dump it in my jacket poket or the back pocket of loose pants and roll with them, but you do need a good cable setup with L shaped rca out connectors to rest well in your pocket-got mine from AOL but i believe Brad is developing something in the cabling set up.
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Originally Posted by HeadLover View Post
I am going to get mine soon
Thinking about the LISA III XP with the PSU and putting some extra gain and bias

I will be using it with the HD650

What do you think of it guys ??
Yeah, you don't need extra gain. The Lisa will work fine with the 650's as is and drive them well.
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got my lisa III standard in black with LLP winging her way to me as of tomorrow. I cant wait. its been soooo looooonnnnggggg since ive been lusting after her. As anyone who has seen my posts on the subject can attest to. would've loved one of the woodies, but since I will actually be using her portable quite a bit with my DIY P VCAP dock it probably wouldnt be wise. soo excited finally I can update my sig. got my own cables in the works as well already started building mine tonight
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Originally Posted by qusp View Post
got my lisa III standard in black with LLP winging her way to me as of tomorrow. I cant wait.
Congratulations ! I am sure the LISA is worth the wait!

F. Lo
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I know she is; I spent some quality time with the demos brad sent stevekelby for the sydney head-fi meet this year. we shared a hotel room for the meet. and ever since then I have been fixated. sure there have been a few speedbumps along the way for my wallet. parts for my uber VCAP dock. new W3 with UM56. now I just need to finish the cables and reterminate my jena SE530 extension cable with a furutech 1/4" I already have some vishay resistors in that cable so I can just move them. either that or i'll make a whole new one so I can still use the cable with my pico. also need another short version for the W3. i'm assuming this is still the way to go with the latest version with iem's to avoid any hiss??; although from reports its really not bad at all?? will be using the senns and incoming MD2000 too (about to pull the trigger and woody them). plus this will make a great headamp for the gamma1. wow. all my Christmases have come at once.... literally. will def post impressions ASAP; some initial and then after 100hrs or so. OH well only 2 stops on the way to portable HP amp nirvana for me: pico->lisa III and both will still have their uses. i've always been good at justifying large leaps instead of the incremental upgrades that can waste time and money . straight to the top I say. now I just need to take the plunge with full customs although I still hesitate there. no resale if I dont like them, doesnt appeal too much. With the set-up the way it is at the moment I think IMO I could only really go UE10-11 as an upgrade anyway. BTW any recommendations other than MD2000, MD5000, MD7000 as good synergy with lisa III??. theres obviously the senns 600,650. not a big AT fan, not a big grado fan either. I listen to a large variety of music, but it does center on electronica of all sorts (except cheezy handbag house and commercial types). some trip hop and european hip hop, jazz, and some more alternative type rock. I know its a little off topic, but it does relate specifically to synergy with lisa. I'm almost 100% i'm getting a denon (I like closed phones) and I really like them plus will do the recable myself; but any I havent mentioned that you guys think I should check out would be appreciated. I love bass; but not at the expense of the highs and no U shape FQ curves

thanks in advance
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If you love bass I would suggest you have a look also at the Edition 9 and the JVC Victor DX1000 - the DX1000's bass is one of the deepest and better textured you can find in the current production market.

Both are closed headphones.

F. Lo
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Agreed with that the DX1000 bass is wonderful!
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ok i'll check out the DX1000 but no thanks on the Ed9 not really my cup of tea. I did hesitate putting in that I love bass because you end up with recommendations for ED9 I hope the DX1000 aren't the same as ED9 because like I said; I dont like the bass to be at the expense of the highs or mids or a balanced SQ. i'm sure the bass is wonderful on them; but I dont want there to be bass quantity that is usually not there in the recording. I just want the bass to be very well portrayed. I have read of the ED9 that they have wonderful tight involving bass.......even when the recording doesnt. OUCH. and I have spoken with steve about that matter. I didnt listen at the sydney meet, because I had a bad headache at that point and plus actually I wasnt that keen onm getting poisoned . this isnt even IMO because I havent heard them; but this is not the forst time i've read that.
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Get your hands on a DX1000 to preview. I do have to say though after having the HD 650s for a while, it took a little getting used to.
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cool thanks i'll try and do that; back on topic. who here uses the bass knob?? on the new lisa's
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The Lisa III is a nice change of pace and offers a little different perspective on the music from my Woo 6 and other amps. It is enjoyable and drives everything well. I do not tend to use the bass control with any of my phones.
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Originally Posted by qusp View Post
cool thanks i'll try and do that; back on topic. who here uses the bass knob?? on the new lisa's
I usually turn the bass knob just to the point where i start to hear a slight increase and leave it there-about 1/3 of the way up, depending on the HP, more for the grado and less for the DX1000.
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yeh I cant really see me using it much either really, but i'll try it out for sure. since i'll be using it with IEM's about 1/2 the time and those IEMs (in my sig) are not lacking in bass. plus although I will try the Dx1000 if i can find some here in OZ to audition; more than likely I wil end up going the MD2000-MD5000 route. MD2000 with the new aftermarket woodcups that are now available might be the way to go for me. although they will end up costing the same as MD5000 after that. hmmmm
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Gotta admit, i got the DX1000s with out listening to them. There were several of them later when i went to a local meet, one or the more used phones there after hd650s probably although many types were represented.
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I have uploaded the most recent version of the LISA III Operating manual. Additions include but are not limited to Current technical specifications including chassis dimensions (not Including jacks and knobs) and the most recent performance measurements with particular attention paid to how much undistorted power is actually delivered into different load impedances from 16-200 ohms as operated with the internal 9.6 volt NI-Mh batteries freshly fully charged. There are no conflicts in operating procedure between the new and the previous (Old) Manual. This revision is simply an update bringing the documentation a more accurate representation of the present LISA III Builds. I hope that this info will help Present LISA III owners more fully enjoy their Amplifier, Cheers…
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