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send them an email, should probably be able to explain better
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I've been contacting Brad & Phill, but no response at all ...
Is there anyone can I contact beside them?
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I have had two issues with my Lisa 3 and I just sent my forth e-mail, second on the current issue, which is the wire between the LLP and Lisa was brittle around the connctor when i recieved it and now has broken rendering my LLP worthless for the moment. I have had no responses from them. Has anyone been able to get ahold of Brad lately? He said he would address the first issue right after i bought it, a slightly damaged volume knob but it never came so i emailed him two more times to no avail.
Don't get me wrong, the amp is great and so is the LLP, if i could just use it. Guess i have to go buy some batteries for the time being.
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I emailed triad a month ago regarding purchasing a lisa3 with some questions I had, and have yet to receive a reply.
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For the record Brad did just get back to me (with in 24 hrs this time) and was apologetic about the delay so they are there just very busy.
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Still heard nothing

I emailed triadaudio@gmail.com

tbh I would feel better about buying used at this point.
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I will say that Brad is not an easy guy to get a hold of. From my experience he should respond to emails in about a week from them being sent. I recommend sending him an email a couple times in a week to try to get a response from him.
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cool, cheers mate.
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The Lisa is really great though so try to get a hold of one. It really wasn't that difficult when i said i wanted to buy now. I tell you against my Hornet it is a whole different world. Against my home tube amp class A it is quieter and more detailed although i jump back and forth depending on my mood.
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fyi, some commentary on LIIIXP/LLP that I posted on another thread (page 9) that may be of interest:


I almost sold the LIIIXP/LLP to fund another purchase. LIIIXP/LLP ain't going anytime soon...
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Anyone here from Australia own Lisa III?
Any idea which DC adapter to get and from where?

I found a regulated PSU 24VDC but it has 1.5Amp
Overkill for Lisa III? which requires 24VDC 200mA ?
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Okay disregard my previous post,
I bought 24V DC 1000mA adapter, but the truth is I don't know how long to charge Lisa III XP to full?

15 hours is for the standard right?
How about XP?
and then... is there any indication for it?
(even there is no led to indicate the adapter is plugged)

This amps a bit microphonic eh? not really silent...
especially when you plug your headphone to the amp but no RCA connected or AC adapter plugged...
when I turn the volume knob I can hear noticeable Buzzing... also after I touch the knob or any part of case the noise reacts~
but after I plug the RCA input everything become much more silent, but there is a slight noise on highest volume bar..
However, the microphonic buzzing still remain if I touch the amp....
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LISA III in Wood

Hear are some photo's of what is being made right now in wood LISA-III eSnips Folder
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Are there any images straight on, showing the faceplate? Also some more level (lower) shots showing the side and face in one shot? Will the regular Lisa III have a full wood case also or just faceplate and endplate?
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Oh my! If I didn't already have a Lisa this would be VERY tempting!
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