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This is to much to handle. The amp died on me again.

Why is this happening. I'm doing every thing right......
So what is going wrong.....

Same history.
1) good sound 1 hour listening. No indication of battery power loss (not using PSU, only batteries)
2) 2nd listening a couple of hours later (still not using a PSU. Static when putting the HP plug in. Power on > 1 second blue led. Then it's gone.
3) Bhought new power adapter Ansmann adapter, measured 23,8v. center positive plugs. 0,1 second blue led and then gone.........

Why? Any thoughts?
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Really sorry to hear about your experience, which I think is pretty unusual. When you started to hear static, this is an usual sign of low battery, as things start to get distorted. The problem I see it, is with the charging circuit, or the charger.

May I care to ask what kind of DC jacks do you have with the Ansmann charger ? Is it 2.5mm internal diameter ? The reason I asked this is because it looks a 2.1 mm jack works better.

I do not have any phones to offer, but I would suggest you alert TriadAudio as soon as you can.

Also, I am a bit pizzled when you were taxed twice for the same piece of equipment ? Should repair return should not be taxed ? This is really expensive to pay US$60 on tax.

F. Lo
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F.lo Thanks for support. YGPM
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Sounds like your amp is not charging, make sure you have a 2.1mm connector.
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It has to be the chargers you are using. As fkclo mentioned that static is the batteries becoming depleted of their charge. The amp arrives with the batteries charged about 1/3 way. Put a call into Triad and have them get ahold of Phil directly with the problem. Maybe he can research it, and come up with a part number for a correct charger in your locale. Sorry, to hear about this...I know it must be frustrating! Best of luck! Another good thing to ask Triad is what they had to do to repair it when it came back to them. In other words what was their diagnosis of the problem.
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Originally Posted by xtreme4099 View Post
Sounds like your amp is not charging, make sure you have a 2.1mm connector.
This is a good tip!

Initially I thought my 2.5mm connector works well but it didn't. Luckily I can borrow one with 2.1mm connector and everything works great.

F. Lo
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Guys, if this is the same symptom as last time, didn't he have to send it back to TriadAudio to fix, meaning he damaged the circuitry or the batteries. So I would think that isn't the case.
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Thanks for helping.

Please note that its an XP with internal battery pack and internal charger.

I do not think it's the plug. It fits fine. According to Triad the primary electrolytic capacitors in the amp were blown the first time. So i guess they are blown again. They blame it on the PSU. But how can this be? I used different PSU's in both occasions. Also both PSU measured 23,8V. The measurement was done in a shop specialized in eletronics and by een electronics specialist. I saw it my self 23,8 v The second time I even set the PSU on 22 or 20 volt (not sure anymore). I made 100% sure it was a center positive connection. To my knowledge I did everything right and would do de same again. I do not see any alternatives.

Phill mentioned that the Lisa was fully charged when shipped. So why did it lose power the second time i used the amp after only an initial hour of listening the first time. Both times without the PSU.
It should have runned for i think 50 hours without using a PSU.

Man i'm not a happy person at the moment.

Would it be possible for a local repairshop the replace the caps? Or must this be done by a specialist (Triad). Is it easy or difficult?

Also I did send an email to Brad (Cc Linda). But Brad has not returned my emails for the last 2.5 weeks. And Phil told me it's a power issue. He told me he tested the amp on 25-26V before shipping and was fine. It also worked fine on the LLP. So according to him it must be the adapter(S)

On thing, it's my bad luck and I still would recommend the lisa to anyone out there. What I heard sounded better then anything else before
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Sounds like someone needs to find out why the caps blew.
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guise, have you checked the polarity?

btw the LED circuit is an indicator itself. If it cuts off, meaning the battery is already dead.
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Not just a American/European problem - 120 vs 230 V?
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Thanks NelsomVAndal,
The the input might be either 120 or 220, but by using the PSU the output is still 24v
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Originally Posted by fkclo View Post
My black couple is here !

First of all, some pictures

Build quality is excellent. Black is... well Black.

This is the price to pay when you pushed and want to be first to own a LLP The assembler has engraved the face plate of my LLP upside down ! Brad promised to send in a replacement face plate as soon as it is ready.

The best sub $1,000 solid state amp in the market - portable or not.

I haven't have a chance to listen to it yet due to a busy start of the week.

Will keep you all posted.

F. Lo
F. Lo, does your LISA XP with the LLP sound better than running just on battery power alone?
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Couple of questions I could not find answers to on Triad's website.

1) What is the difference between the Lisa III and the XP?

2) Now I am guessing is not the perfect time to buy due to power supply issues. (And that there are none in stock)

3) I like the wood one, especially since it has the RCA jacks mounted to the chassis (The way they should be.) Do they plan on doing that with the metal one?

Thanks in advance,

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1. XP is larger (1.5in height) and has a 30-40 hour battery life or something and has a higher bias starting next batch since standard is going to be lower bias.
2. Most people dont have problems with the Elpac power supply. http://www.alliedelec.com/Search/Pro...F5AC80510DE17F
3. I doubt they plan on doing it to the metal one.
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