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Originally Posted by luvdunhill View Post
this is totally system dependant. My feeling is the HD650 goes better with tubes and vinyl and the HD600 better with solid state and digital sources. Also, I think defoaming the HD650 and the Zu cable brightens up the HD650s, which IMHO is their main weakness.
I disagree.
I feel that just the opposite is true:
600's with tubes and vinyl.
650's with solid state and digital sources.
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I'm partial to the HD650/ZU and I have no reason except that it sounds good to my ears..
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You guys are seriously driving me crazy. I keep changing my mind about which pair I should buy. They will specifically be used for listening to vinyl, huge collector, plugged into my vintage Sony STR 6800-SD receiver. If my receiver doesn't do it justice then I'll buy an amp, but I really don't want to spend more than $250 on one. Most people have pointed me towards the 600. But I'm still trying to keep an open mind. I listen to a wide range of music: Radiohead, Miles Davis. tool. Daft punk, pink Floyd, classical. Etc. If you think the 650 would be more up my alley I'm all ears.
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Welcome to head-fi! Where simple quick questions morphs into many questions and complex research tongue.gif


Where are you from? There might be meets near you where you can audition them.

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Oklahoma. I'm thinking Dallas would be the closest. Still a 5 hour drive though.
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