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Originally Posted by fierce_freak
Has anyone had a chance to compare the F1 and F2 with the K1000? I've read some listening impressions between the two at diyaudio, but a comparo with the k1000 used would be even more helpful
Originally Posted by boomana View Post
The F2 is much rarer. I don't know anyone who personally owns one, and I know of at least one head-fier who has been looking.
Gates 2 has built himself one not very long ago and he also owns a pair of K1000. If only some of the many head-fiers owning an F1 would be so kind to lend him his amp, I'm sure gates would gladly share some impressions with us, wouldn't he? (hint! hint!)
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Originally Posted by fierce_freak View Post
Yeah, I actually already sold the Beta 22

In any case, I'm in the process of ordering my parts for building a 2 channel passive ground Beta 22 to serve as a pre-amp and also to drive other cans should I ever get some (and we all know I will somewhere down the line ).

So for me now the choice rests in picking a power amp - F1 or F2. I've already ordered a case, heatsinks, and transformer that will be suitable for either.
So you're an one-can kinda guy eh?
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Haha, I really am, but we all know what this place does to you
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I'm leaning towards the F2 now as I think a little dose of SET-goodness (without the downsides of typical SET sound) would be good for the K1000.
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And it's also cheaper. And easier to build (less components, no matching transistors needed, if I got it right). And should dissipate a bit less heat as a whole. And there's no nasty DC at the outputs -> might be safer for the K1000.
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I decided on the F2 for now. Parts have been ordered, so now it's just a waiting game.
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Balanced I'd imagine?
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F2 isn't balanced, F1 is

I really love the F2 sound with my k1000's. Right now I'm working on the casework, which is turning out to be a real pain for someone who doesn't have the proper tools. I'm building it like a tank with a 3/8" thick front panel- its gonna weight a ton when I'm done.

@ fierce_freak, make sure you get some serious heatsinks for it. It runs really hot. The sinks that I got from ebay(see my build thread) seem to be adequate, but still get up in the 80 C region after its been running for a while.
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you can just build the DIY equivalents to the pass labs amps, the boards and schematics are widely available. it's cheaper to build than a balanced Beta22, and easier since they have fewer parts, and for headphones you can use small onboard heatsinks.
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Yeah, the F2 is single-ended, so that's the direction I'm going for right now. Let's hope I'm pleased when I get it done and don't regret selling my lovely balanced beta22 (though I could of course build another).

I've already ordered all the parts I'll need for the F2. Actually, I should have most of the parts today (minus case/heatsink, traffo, perf board). The heatsinks are integrated in the case I bought. I think they measure 11.8" x 6.5" x 1.5-2" or so.

-edit- I haven't had the chance to listen to my K1000 in a week, a week and a half for the D2000. putting the K1000 on with the opus -> beta22 (which will leave my possesion very shortly), i'm not really finding the bass lacking. I think I was just really acclimated to the D2000. By the same token, I'm still not finding D2000 bass overblown or the like. I could still use just a touch more bass.
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good choice on the F2- i just hooked my K1k's up to a B22 i've built... I was throughly unimpressed. Compared to the F2, there is no comparison to my ears. I can't do a direct side by side at the moment, as my F2 is under casework overhaul, but I will soon

Advice to those looking- don't run out and buy a B22 just yet. B22 sounds great with my K501's, but I'm starting to believe that current-driven amplifier topologies are the way to go for the k1000
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Interesting. I'm more excited to get my F2 done now as I already thought the K1K sounded really great out of the balanced beta22 I had. I'll be able to compare the F2 and the passive-ground single-ended beta22 I'm building as pre-amp (actually close to done with this one), but it'll have to wait until twisted pear audio releases the next batch of Opus modules as I'm sourceless at the moment (opus modules will probably actually be released around the time I'm finishing the amp and preamp, so timing is good).
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i'd imagine b22 as a pre with the F2 as a power amp will be killer- we'll have to see tho
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gates_2, I've been long awaiting your comparo between the F2 and the B22 for the K1000 I'm glad to know it's coming soon!

That short insight that you gave on the b22 against the F2 is quite interesting. Do post on this thread when you get to compare them side by side. It would be very helpful.

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The K-1000 is extremely accurate and all that but the lowest bottom end (no amp can overcome this) just doesn't give the proper weight and it ... dare I say just doesn't have the fun musical quality my GS-1000 has. I feel like I'm being a good audiophile listening to it, but the GS-1000 is just more addicting and fun for me - subject to change at any minute. QUOTE]

I would have agreed with you about the lack of bass prior to the recent NorCal meet. Foo_me had a Zanden integrated amp driving the K-1000s giving them ample and good bass. This set up was stunning for me and was the "best of show" set up for me. It forever dispelled for me the myth that the K-1000 can't provide a good strong bass. Well it can with the right amp/tubes.
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