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I like the idea of the wallmount! 

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Love Fred The Head   :smile:

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I love that vertebrae headphone mount, scary but cool also. 

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Just finished a few headphone stands. Custom mixed concrete base ground, polished and sealed. Tops are made with box joints, inserted into a slot cast into the concrete. Made with solid cherry/black walnut/honey locust. No plywood/veneers.

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Very nice CJWW. Selling them?
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If folks were interested yah. I made 3 and only have two sets of headphones, so I could part with one. But if people like the design I could whip up a few more
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What is the height you made? I'm drawing one but can't figure out the right height and yours seems perfect!

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After I found this thread I wanted to make my own stand, but didn't know what I wanted to make except that it needed to be cheap and easy. Later, I found the HH 10 (http://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-HH-10-Headphone-Holder/dp/B007TIV7IU) and liked it because it doesn't take up any desk space.


While I was in the shed I seen a piece of PVC pipe and had an idea, this is the result:





While its not the best looking stand it was practically free and very functional.


I may add a semi-circle of large diameter PVC pipe if I notice the headband deforming. I realised that If I need to hang up more than one headphone I could add a T and have a double headphone stand, as the stand will hold up to a few pounds at least, and also if it slides or scars my desk I can just add some rubber feet.

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Originally Posted by whirlwind View Post

Love Fred The Head   :smile:

Thanks, I shall pass the comment to Fred as it will keep him smiling.

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Well, I keep buying headphones so I decided to build another one.  I finished this one last week, I think It turned out pretty well.  It is Maple and Walnut--all-wood joinery (no nails or screws...)



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That's beautiful!!!
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Love the color combination, beautiful piece of work.
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Three hole punch at work. I mean, it has multipurposes.
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The cd spindle I thumbtacked into the wall years ago is still holding up my HD25's...  :tongue:

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I'm still rather proud of the stand I made with nothing but tape.

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