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Nice job! My first effort is post #1, PVC and cedar.........I lived in K'Zoo a while ago.
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What material is it made out of?
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Originally Posted by Wildsurfer View Post
Well not my art actually but a friend's creation, I find it really simple and practical....
Wow!....very interesting!

Originally Posted by fatcat28037 View Post

Nice job! My first effort is post #1, PVC and cedar.........I lived in K'Zoo a while ago.
Thanks! I'm not too far from K'Zoo, about 35 - 40 miles. It's a big city for me (a Barry County hillbilly)!

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A few hours work.

Attempt 1:

Attempt 2:

Special thanks to Paul Tower B Stores
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Nice work Steph86! #1 is elegant in it's simplicity. #2 is quite unusal in it's material - I like both!

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How did you guys work with corners? Especially with the inverted "L" designs, as I'm trying to do one myself. The two connecting pieces will be made out of square ebony, if that can help anyone.

I'm doing a preliminary cut our of pine, and the only idea that I have right now is piercing a hole at the back through both pieces and put a small wooden cylinder there. I'm not sure the glue would be strong enough to hold the ebony piece and my ATs, as they are quite heavy (320 grams for the phones and 200 for the 6'' ebony piece).
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Normally, you would use a mortise & tenon joint (one piece has a nub at the end that slides into the other piece which has a hollowed out depression), or maybe if you were fancier, a finger joint.

As for your glue question, trust be, if you use a proper wood joint (ie, not gluing them butt to butt), the wood will actually shear before the glue does.

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This thread made me want to DIY a headphone stand. I don't want just any headphone stand. I want one that would reflect my personality.

Initially I was thinking of getting some PVC tube, but I decided to check what stuffs do I have laying around. I found some fancy looking brass pipes and also some steel pipes painted black. I proceeded to put them together, fortunately they fit together like a puzzle. The brass pipe need some twisting so that the headphone holder faces at the right direction and tilts at the right angle. There is also a compartment for storing the headphone cable.

Voila, finally, I have a headphone stand that I can call my own.

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Does this count? There is DIY and a headphone stand ;-)

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You assembled the mannequin, sunglass and the wig together, that itself should count as DIY?
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thats ruddy hilarious!

genuinely made me a laugh a lot.
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That would just freak me out! The head is too real looking for me.
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where is that 38mm holesaw....................
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Originally Posted by hekoman View Post
I am currently using two different stands for my three headphones:

First for my Gammas and my SR-202's I have a stand that I built out of Legos. I still have a huge bin full of Legos that I got when I was younger, so I figured I might as well use them for something.

Legos FTW!!! if you have more legos left, im sure there are much more interesting ones you can make, and spend some time making the colours do something interesting.
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I'm stuck in a dorm for a summer program, got down here to find that I forgot my headphone stand... (for those who think i'm crazy for traveling with a headphone stand: I'm not crazy as you think - I'm here for 2.5 months, and my room mate is a fellow audiophile, so its all good )

So rather than have it shipped, I built this one for free: Plus it takes up zero desk space!

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