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This is my new rack for head-fi gear. Made from 2 and 2 1/4" oak. The headphone stands are removeable and can slide on top of the sides.
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Andsor, that is cool. I have thought somewhat similar setup, but so that my laptop and USB-powered DAC/amp with stand for my headphones were in it and whole package would be easy to take to couch.

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Thanks. Looks a bit empty on the picture though. Currently testing out Matrix Mini-i and Audio GD Fun with a few different op-amps, so an updated picture will be comming soon. Also the headphone stands have been treated with the same stain as the wood.

Haven't seen many builds/designs of this kind of setup. Saw one once, believe it was here on the forum, which was what gave inspiration to the design.
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I use my HD650 box to place my.. well.. HD650's and AKG Q701's.

does this count? x)

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I don't believe I'm as passionate about audio as you guys but I thought some of you may still appreciate my DIY stand.





I'll give details of how they were made if anyone's interested. 

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Originally Posted by mrAdrian View Post


The most awesome of all...

Thanks.  ^_^

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Very nice ^
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My second take. First take was the Horn on the wall, as many of you have seen. Problem is, that only held 1 headphone comfortably. So I found some wood downstairs, got some cloth from my grandma's house, and whipped up a stand. Waiting for the Stain and Polyurethane to dry was honestly, the hardest part of this whole thing.

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Hi everyone! New member here, and I just joined to say how impressed I am at the craftsmanship I see here.


First, a little background. I received a set of Sennheiser RS160 headphones for Christmas, and while they're great headphones, they don't come with a stand or case or anything. Since I want these to last a long time, I started searching for ideas on stands. Being rather frugal, I'd rather build something than buy it, and I stumbled across this thread. So I thought I'd try something, and here's the result.


(Hope the links work.)




And here's the build log:



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Nice job! I like it!

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Wow what a new and fresh way to do a stand. Simple yet very elegant. Very nice. 

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I'm looking into building one or more of my own stands and I really want to say that I love all of these and hope my own can be half as good as the ones Ive seen so far gs1000.gif

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Thanks, guys. It was a lot of fun to design and build. Best of all, I was using stuff I just had sitting around, so it didn't cost anything. I designed and discarded about half a dozen different ideas, but this is the one I kept tinkering with, and I'm really happy with the result. I hope it gives others some ideas of their own to play with.

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