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Originally Posted by TrollDragon View Post

Excellent idea, adds some height to the hose stand as well.
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I actually thought about it but I don't see the need with my current headphone line up, even when using two headphones at a time the stand is still quite stable.

Maybe if I had some heavy weight orthodynamics it would possibly be an issue ;-)

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Not exactly a "DIY" for me. I just found this laying around and it worked. I'm not even exactly sure what it is or where it came from, LOL. It's some kind of container/stand for drill bits/screws/nails, etc. I may try and find something else but this works for me right now.

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Little something I threw together after trying to shop for headphone stands/CD racks etc. Figured why not toss the ideas together and make a nice all-in-one. Soon to be added is the Mjolnir on the second shelf and the LCD2 on the rack :). Also hoping to fill that bottom shelf up a bit! 


Things aren't actually as lopsided as they look in the picture. Something about the angle. Was sure to measure twice!


And the cable hooks on the side.(Poor image quality.)

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Some nice Schiit on that second shelf already... and more Schiit on the way.

Too Fine!


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Not DIY by me but I was lucky enough to win a stand from Hieutrung! It's a work of art!D4A4D999-0DE2-4DD3-8502-BB5CAFFE7291-27661-0000050272790C05.jpg
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Very Nice!

Join the Hieutrung Headphone Stand Club!

His stuff has excellent workmanship, I won one from him as well! biggrin.gif




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Here is a dual purpose one (link below).  I made a cartridge/headshell display case out of an acrylic software display case, and a piece of wood in the bottom with holes (and notches) drilled in it so the headshells would stand upright.  It sits on an old record clamp, and an old display tile.


Dual Purpose Headphone Holder

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posted it up for you. And welcome to Head-fi!



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nick n:


Thanks.  I appreciate it.


I've tried to "Insert Image" but it keeps telling me "There was a problem submitting this to the server. Please try again."


I have another headphone holder that I'll post pics of tomorrow, plus I'm getting some HD 598's tomorrow in the mail, so hopefully I'll figure out the inserting of photos. (and/or I'll search for instructions on how to do it).


And I have 2 or 3 other ideas on ones that I'll DIY.  Give me a week or so and I'll have those done.


Just now getting back into vinyl...

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The forum won't let you post pictures because you don't have enough posts yet. It's a security feature to fight spam bots.


You have to go spam a few threads before you can post pictures.

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Will do.  Thanks.

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If anyone in Canada is interested, I managed to pick this up at IKEA a couple of days ago. I think it is a paper towel holder of sorts.




I just wrapped the top of it with some electrical tape so it wasn't as slippery and my a900x's are pretty happy with it. The stand itself was a whopping $9.99 and the tape was about a $1.50.

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Here's a stand that I'll use for a while now that the hockey lockout has ended.







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^^^ better if it was the rangers :P ^^^

but i like it a lot!

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Originally Posted by crazyg0od33 View Post

^^^ better if it was the rangers :P ^^^

but i like it a lot!


To each his own.  Go Wings!


Got a pair of HD 598's in the mail yesterday.  I was looking around for another hockey related headphone holder and came up with this.  I just need to add a nice wooden base to it.



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