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My stand is integrated into my little DIY gadget cabinet. Every worthy gagdet has its place and charger in there. Wil have to make a standalone stand when the DT770 get here.

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My latest project. This is far from the finished product. I plan on putting a rod coming off the front I just haven't been able to find the right size and I want to be able to spend the time to make it look good. I also am looking to add a 2" wide piece of wood to go across the top (like a T). Then I will add a suede cushion to the top piece of wood to give me room to put a couple of extra pairs of headphones. Lastly, I am going to stain it to match my desk.

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I am currently using two different stands for my three headphones:

First for my Gammas and my SR-202's I have a stand that I built out of Legos. I still have a huge bin full of Legos that I got when I was younger, so I figured I might as well use them for something.

Second is the stand for my SR-40's. It is just some tin can on a roll of ducktape. I don't use these headphones much so they sit up there on my shelf most of the time

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I love your COWON stand ! thats pretty funny actually but I love how they match. You should name them David and Goliath :P
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edit: hosting down, I'll try to find the pic again.

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Here's two stands I built two days ago, one is made of walnut, the other is mahogany.

I'm new to the world of headphones, so I only have sennheiser HD555 but, planning to upgrade soon, I decided I was in need for my own stand... (I keep the walnut one, the other is for my brother).

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good work ^ I reallylike the grain on the walnut.
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The walnut one looks nice.
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Well, I have sold it but I thought I would throw this into the mix.
I used to work for an architectural salvage company in Seattle and salvaged
this old growth fir from a turn-of-the-century house. It had been aged over 100 years when I built this stand a couple of months ago. I like things that have some mass to them so they don't move and slide around when I use them. The stand is pictured here with my beloved(and gone) SR-404's.

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Not particularly pretty (I see some potential though). Ignore the K81's on the side. The MS-1's have been demoted from my banana stand to this ghetto CD-R spindle cover, the SHP9000's are on the banana stand. The MS-1's didn't like the banana stand anyway. Note the red vinyl tape, it holds my main IC so I can switch from my headphone to speaker amp (no switchbox D: ) without reaching in a mess of cables.
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Originally Posted by Blooze View Post
I picked up a couple of 8' 1x6 boards of purpleheart and padauk in Kansas City several years ago at Woodcraft. Very reasonable $$$. They have an online store as well.

It's really not red, that's just how the flash reacted on the pic. The purple is a dark purple and the padauk is actually a very deep orange. Much like these pics I found online. I need to take some better pics of it I guess.

Love the purpleheart.
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It was really easy to make and looks decent. Costs about 5$ to make (in wood/PVC pipe). Im amazed by how much better it makes my headphones look over a 3$ plastic banana stand.

If anyone wants to make one - take 1 1/2" ID PVC pipe, cut it at a 45 and trim the edges down to the height/length you want. File any rough spots and then glue with some plastic glue (ie model glue), clamp, let sit overnight. Spray paint the next day.

The base is some scrap wood cut down, sanded and varnished. It has a wood block screwed to it that holds the PVC pipe snugly.

The 'crown' I found at Ben Franklin (a craft store).

Very nice.Looks great.
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Originally Posted by Towert7 View Post
My new Design for headphone stands.

This design was inspired by an old piece of Japanese Architecture. I have tried many different variations on this shape, but I like this the best. This has been painted the colors of the origional piece, however I can also use exotic woods with this design.

It's very sturdy, and holds the headphones very nicely. Can hold up to two full sized headphones eaisly, or three small size headphones. The wings are curved to keep the headphones from slipping off the ends.

I'm donating two of my prototypes to the Boston/NE head-fi meet. I'm very happy with this design, so I'm teaching my dad how to make these for him to sell.
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Originally Posted by Jaw007 View Post
Thanks Jaw007!
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