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love the purpleheart in the base!

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A copper stand for my new HFI-780's and a future can.

Needs to be buffed up when the warmer weather arrives and coat it with a clear lacquer.


Front View



Side View



Ultrasone's mounted


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That's genius! Looks like the whole thing is press-fit together? Once it's buffed and laquered it'll look top notch.  Did you tally up the total cost there?

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Thanks nick n much appreciated!


I was going to do a PVC stand at first, but there was very little in the selection of "unique" fittings...

Wood and I don't get along, so that was out. ;)

Upon looking at the copper fittings my choice was made.  


6' 1/2 pipe, (4) 90's, (2) Street 90's, (4) 45's, (6) Tee's, (4) Caps and 6' 1/2 Insulation was $30 from Kent Building Supplies.

Lacquer, Steel Wool (Medium & Superfine) and PC7 Epoxy $25 from Home Hardware.


I did not want to solder the pipe as I know it would not have turned out well, the "Just for Copper" epoxy was way too expensive. I've used PC7 Epoxy in the past as well as JB Weld and they both work excellent.


I had the design in my head so I measured and cut all the pieces, dry fit them, made some adjustments, mixed up a pile of PC7 and started to assemble.

(You only have a hour of pliable time with the PC7)


A pipe crimp tool would have been a excellent choice for press fitting, I never thought of it at the time though. I will seriously consider that option if I build another one.


I'll post updated pictures once it's buffed and shiny. :)


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That looks stunning! And I think that would go very well with my phones.


It's got to be epoxied together? Doesn't sit well without the Epoxy?

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Thanks Saintkeat!


The copper pipe and fittings have a little too much play in them for it to stand by itself.

A different design "might" stay together if it was a closed loop type thing.


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I made this very basic headphone hook on a Makerbot Thingomatic, which I have on my bench at work. The material is black ABS. I found the design on the Thingiverse web site.


(Pics are from my cell phone)







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Very simple and nice solution. 


Man, I need to get a 3D printer... and a CNC... and a micro lathe... and. and. 





After the kiddo graduates from college maybe. (only 19 more years to go!)

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Originally Posted by labmat View Post

I designed and printed this cubicle hanger for my K701s.  You can download the CAD files from Thingiverse


Cubicle Headphone Hanger

I saw this design on Thingiverse, but it's too big to fit on a Thingomatic build platform. We just got the new Makerbot Replicator yesterday, so I may try it. (Much larger build platform)


What is the spacing between the screw heads? I'm not sure if it will fit my cube walls.

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After seeing a few of these in this thread i decided to give it a shot. Works good so far.

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Awesome.  If I didn't have small kids I would totally make a Lego headphone stand.

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Originally Posted by dorkvader View Post

I see I'm the only person sporting the K'nex headphone stand. I borrowed my room-mate's lamp and desk for this one. He's out, so he won't mind, and he owns Bose QC2 headphones, so he'll never come here.

Yes, that is a D2 in an altoids tin. I put up some wallpaper in there, too.

Here is one without the headphones on it:

A side view with 'phones

Lastly: a sideview in it's natural habitat.

Also featured in the last picture are two mugs in need of washing, three railroad spikes, a cellphone on a charger, a large ballbearing being warmed by a laptop (for later use as a handwarmer), a computer, monitor, some topaz, a folder used as a mousepad, my D2, a pair of truly crummy computer speaker, a router, and last weeks' sudoku. I enjoy a messy desk.

My last hanger was a really large c-shaped knex one. This is v2.1


Hey dorkvader, no idea if you are still active on these forums, but I still wanted to thank you for a little inspiration with my own project.
Imgur Link for a few more pictures and my old headphone stand with my old headphones: http://imgur.com/a/PWYOe
The cushion on the headband is just some extra memory foam in a mesh bag rubber banded onto the top.
The front of the front area also doubles as a phone holder for my Android.
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Originally Posted by liamstrain View Post

Very simple and nice solution. 


Man, I need to get a 3D printer... and a CNC... and a micro lathe... and. and. 





After the kiddo graduates from college maybe. (only 19 more years to go!)

Try hunting out a hackerspace in your local area. Should give you access to one of those and usually for free. Check out this link for a list of hackerspaces http://hackerspaces.org/wiki/List_of_Hacker_Spaces

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That's cool. The only one I saw in Chicago is $70 a month, but still loads cheaper than acquiring the gear myself. I'll have to check them out.



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Excuse the headphones ;)

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