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I waited, waited, and waited. Finally it came. The Red Clou cable for my HD 600s. Gotta cool T-shirt that dosen't fit, so I think I'll give it away.
First, I would like to thank the guys at Headroom for bringing such a wonderful speciality product from Sweden here to the U.S.A.
Equipment that I used was the Denon DCD-1650AR CD player, Wheatfield HA2, and Audioquest Viper interconnects.
So, what do I think of it? I love it! This thing looks like a garden hose compared to the stock cable. The only thing I wish was that it came in 2 different lengths. 3.0 meters is just a little short for me. A 5.0 meter option would be nice.
So anyway. How does it sound?
Wonderful! This cable actually showed me what was missing in my system. I don't know if this is because the Red Clou is so good, or the stock cable so bad, but I'm impressed!
The first thing that I noticed was the extention in the treble, and the bass. To my ears, this was not slight. It was almost like the headphones were getting more power to them. Almost like a power amp upgrade.
The detail this cable provides is incredible! Cymbals sound more lifelike, and the bass now has more punch, and control.
This may surprise many, but I feel the transparency, pace, and rythum of the Etymotic Research canalphones are now equaled.
The bottom line is that everything just sounds clearer, more dynamic, and realistic.
This is the best $120.00 purchase of cable I have ever made.
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Welcome to team Clou!

I mostly agree with your listening impressions, the Jaspis is a mandatory upgrade for all Senn 580/600 owners, the improved bass extension is the most noticeable improvement I heard. Makes the HD600 sound much more dynamic/powerful.

Overall sound is slightly more detailed/open, but this was nowhere near the level of improvement bass experienced. Other than the cable being stiffer I can think of no downside to adding Jaspis cable.

Plus they just look cool as hell!
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What kind of t-shirt?
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Team Clou? Hmm, not bad, but it doesn't quite fit. More like Unit Clou, the high-performance, special unit of Team Sennheiser!

Glad to hear you're enjoying them, CRESCENDOPOWER! I actually agree they now come pretty darn close to the Etys.
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MacDEF, on the front of the shirt it says,"CLOU CABLE" then has a picture of a cable. Underneath that it says,"Cables Unlimited".
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I got a red for the 600s at home and a blue for the 580s at work - but only one T-shirt! Hey, Headroom!

They're great. I won't compare the two since I am using them on different phones but both are great improvements over the stock cables. I agree that it is like adding a little amplification. Sounds more "spooky" - on some albums, like Bjork's "Vespertine", sounds are seeming to come from all around me. I have turned my head a couple of times before realizing it is in the phones. There is BIG improvement in the bass - nothing boomy or undefined, but the double bass on Getz/Gilberto is absolute crystal now.

The downside is that if you do turn your head you can feel the cable pulling at you. Also if something taps on the cable you can hear it, as well as feel it. The limp original cable doesn't do that.
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Germany designs good cans...but when it comes to cabling...they seem very very bad at it.

From what I remember of the Senn stock was way too thin to support any kind of braiding or twisted pair type configuration. Thin long wires...perfect...for cheap dipole antennas.

From looking at the Beyer DT931 cord...seems much like the same problem, way too thin to support any braiding/TP config. I really want to replace the DT931 cord...way too long and if its just a few straight wires.
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To bad Clou cables didn't come with some type of clip like the Etys, so I could clip it to my shirt. Anybody got any ideas?
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Originally posted by CRESCENDOPOWER
To bad Clou cables didn't come with some type of clip like the Etys, so I could clip it to my shirt. Anybody got any ideas?
Use a staple gun? Remembering of course to take the shirt OFF before proceeding with any stapling
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No pain! No gain!
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You can also try wrapping barbed wire around the cord and yourself. Razorwire works even better!
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Be hardcore!!!
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After having more time spent with the red clou I have noticed better low level detail, a more airy open soundstage, and better, or more precise imagining.
On the down side, I definitely need an extension cable. The clou seems to tug the HD600s when I move my head. I guess I'll be a copycat, and buy the DiMarzio silver extention like DarkAngel, and Flumpus.
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Originally posted by davidcotton

Use a staple gun? Remembering of course to take the shirt OFF before proceeding with any stapling
Hmm...Wouldn't it just be easier to staple the cable directly to one's chest? Then he could avoid having to wear the same shirt everyday...enjoy those Clou's man, I'm jealous.
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just to mirror you experiences with the jadis: i found the cables to do wonders for perceived frequency extension and add a touch of sweetness to vocals, especially female. detail pops out a bit (i've been listening to tricky's maxinquaye endlessly since picking them up about two weeks ago). definitely a no-brainer upgrade.

for what it's worth,

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