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help me remember what movie this is??

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okay, its about some kid whos dad is an astronaut.. I remember something bout the kid freeing a chimp from NASA or something.. the chimp gets up to trouble.. I remember him riding an ATV out of the back of a truck, through some catered event, etc.. I'm not sure if I'm mixing films up or not.. anyone remembr a film with a chimp on an ATV?
its been driving me crazy for years.. people say I'm crazy.
its some 1980's film, too.
I think theres also something with the kid stealing a helicopter in the end...
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on clue, but now you have me curious
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oh thanks... I can see it in my head. Super-intelligent monkey isn't it? Doing radiation testing on him...

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Got it. Project X with Matthew Broderick

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That was a good movie, brainless entertaining!
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Gad you tha man (for trying). you're in the right direction I say! BLAAAA I NEED TO KNOW... (see, I am crazy.. my gf says it doesn't exist)..
I think I've got parts of other films in my head mixing me up, but its the chimp on the ATV bit thats the one I'm thinking of..
but projext X.. I'll have to watch it anyway
NY Times review of Project X has a trailer...
Thanks man..
any other ideas?
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Hero in the Family (1986) !!!!!

"A teenage son of an astronaut tries to help his father after he and a chimpanzee switch brains as the result of a space flight mis-hap in which the boy must protect the "chimp" in which his father and is unable to communicate with anyone vocally, plus his father with the chimp's mind from the military personnel and anyone else." (from IMDB)

now I need to find a copy
(or RapidShare links?)
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"Hero in the Family is one of those movies that in wanting to be family entertainment ends up in a grey zone that is more likely to mean nothing to any one of any age. "


Hey, you're description fit perfectly in my head.

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I think I liked it.. it evidently left an impression
next mission is to find it
but Project X had me going for a second, I must say..
anyway, there was another bit that I had in my mind, with the kid taking apart a TV, putting that rock in it, and some sparks and stuff.. i thought it may be a different movie so I didn't mention it (maybe I though I was crazy too).. but it fits in perfectly.. he had to 'switch' their brains back.. it all makes sense. whoopie.
thanks guys
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