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I definitely love In Rainbows. OK Computer, Kid A, and The bends, although have some high points, are just very forgettable to me. I've tried to listen to them more than once but those albums didn't grab my attention as much as In Rainbows did. 


To me, In Rainbows had those catchy melodies, insane rhythms, and a memorable sort of mood throughout the album.

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OK Computer > Kid A > In Rainbows > The Bends

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The Bends gets my vote

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My favorite is without question In Rainbows. I also like Hail to the Thief a lot, but I'm not sure if I'd rank it as my second favorite album or not. Amnesiac is good as well, but I haven't heard it in at least a year so all I remember is that I don't think it's as good as Hail to the Thief. The King of Limbs I needed to hear several times before I started appreciating it, but it grew on me and now I like it a lot; not as much as In Rainbows, but still a great deal.


What do I think of OK Computer and Kid A (and The Bends)? Well… they are "nice", I guess. I think I've rated OK Computer 4.5 stars on Rate Your Music so I do think it's a very good album. I just almost never want to listen to it so perhaps it lacks something I look for in music (don't know what that is, so don't ask). Kid A… I've never learned to know well enough to have an educated opinion on it. The Bends has some songs that I really like but I haven't heard it as an album in a couple of years so I can't remember how well it works as a whole. I'll have to revisit all three albums at some point, but right now I'm not really in a Radiohead state of mind.

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I would have trouble ranking one of them "the best". I can say that Hail to the Thief was the first one I heard and got into.... A Punchup at a Wedding (No no no no no no no no) was the song that hooked me in intitially. It didn't take long after that for me to get the rest of the albums.

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Surprisingly, I haven't gotten into Radiohead until tonight. Spinning through In Rainbows and it's incredible. Bought Hail to the Thief and Kid A blindly because I'm liking In Rainbows so much... Will listen to those after.

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The Bends. After that I cannot choose which goes next.
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1. Amnesiac

2. Kid A

3. OK Computer

4. Hail to the Thief

5. In Rainbows

6. King of Limbs

7. Bends

8. Pablo Honey

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Bends is the best
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OK Computer followed by The Bends for me. All else, I enjoy equally except for Pablo Honey (but creeps as a song is up there). 

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I'm part of a minority choosing The Bends, but OKC is definitely a close second.
Rest of the line-up would be as follows:
3. In Rainbows
4. Kid A
5. Hail to the Thief
6. Amnesiac
7. King of Limbs
8. Pablo Honey
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My favourite (at the moment anyway) is In Rainbows. Has the variety of songs, the cohesion of OK Computer, the beautiful melodies as well as the clever sonic effects. 10 songs that perfectly encapsulate the sound of Radiohead.

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My favorite is In Rainbows. Beautiful soundscapes.


I also really enjoy the Me & this Army mix by Panzah Zandahz.

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The only one I never listen to is Pablo Honey...lol.

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1 In rainbows

2 Hail to the Thief

3 OK computer

4 Kid A

5 The bends

6 Amnesiac

7 King of Limbs 

8 Pablo honey 

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