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I love The Bends because there are a ton of great singles on that album. But I would have to give it to Kid A because it's such a conceptually rich album.
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The Bends beats OK Computer by a small margin, imho.
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When it comes to pick a specific album, I vote for OK Computer...

But, "Creep" was beyond a favorite song to me, maybe many others. It was a part of my past.
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1. Amnesiac
2. The Bends
3. OK Computer
4. Hail to the Thief
5. Kid A
6. Pablo Honey

Packt, Pyramid Song, You and Whose Army, Glasshouse, Knvives Out - Amnesiac is just on another planet and is my favorite album of all time.
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A great Radiohead album can be made by combining the Iron Lung/Airbag Eps
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I'll rate my top 3 and say Kid A > The Bends > OK Computer
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Kid A = Amnesiac > OK Computer > Hail To the Thief > The Bends > Pablo Honey

That Said, Radiohead is probably my favorite band and I love all their music
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Sorry for the bump....


Radiohead's my favorite band now, digging all their albums, but if I had to rank them. (best to "worst")


Kid A

In Rainbows

The Bends

OK Computer

Hail to the Thief


Pablo Honey

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Ahh... when Head-Fi used to actually have active music threads.


And yet again, the one thing every Radiohead fan agrees on is that Pablo Honey is their worst album

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Whenever I wanna spin some Radiohead the first one I reach for is OK Computer

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1) OK Computer

2) The Bends

3) In Rainbows

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In Rainbows is my favorite.

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The Bends. L3000.gif

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In Rainbows

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Originally Posted by jaydome View Post

In Rainbows

I haven't listened enough to The Bends to decide yet but I definitely prefer In Rainbow over Ok Computer / Kid A. 

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