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i like amnesiac. i second mcmyers' opinion that kid a wanders. it's still high art imo but amnesiac's just easier for me to listen to on a more regular basis. i think this is probably the reverse of the norm, but *shrug*
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I really like the Ok Computer album.
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It was easy for me. I like Radiohead and cannot deny I love the planet-eating OK Computer. I want Karma Police played at my funeral.
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The Bends gets my vote for the hold it had on me for several months after it's release. It also has emotional ties (not particularly good ones) but I still find it has a strong cathartic effect. I still find 'Street Spirit (Fade Out)' utterly spellbinding.
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Originally Posted by MasiveMunkey View Post
What do you guys think is a good headphone for listening Radiohead? I really like my dt880s for Kid A, but on Ok Computer they sound too bright. It could be my recording though, I need to re rip it probably.
For those Radiohead albums I really appreciate intimacy over space, so I choose the RS-1's or PS-1's. Though I remember the days listening with the HP-1000's too.
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Originally Posted by guttorm View Post
i like amnesiac. i second mcmyers' opinion that kid a wanders. it's still high art imo but amnesiac's just easier for me to listen to on a more regular basis. i think this is probably the reverse of the norm, but *shrug*
That makes a lot of sense though. Amnesiac, coming from the same recording sessions as Kid A is really a close brother if not a twin to the album. In this way...it may have been good of them to include Amnesiac as a "disc 2" rather than an entirely separate album. But since they did, it kinda emphasizes the direction they wanted with Kid A, as you say, high art and Amnesiac the more accessible which is perhaps why they released so quickly after Kid A. For those desiring something like that, Amnesiac with such a similar sound to Kid A, could be released and make fans of all wants, very pleased.
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I remember when I first got Kid A and listened to it, thinking what is this crap, and totally not getting it. Then when I saw them perform the songs live in Chicago 2001, I was absolutely amazed. When you hear and see them perform those songs live, it really exposes the beauty within the songs. Kid A from that point on remained my favorite album.
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I prefer OK Computer as an album over Kid A. But my most played Radiohead song is off of Kid A - How to Disappear Completely.

For those who preferred Kid A I would like to pose this question; how would you or people in general have received Kid A if OK Computer was never made? What I mean is, if Radiohead had never recorded OK Computer, would Kid A be as highly regarded? I ask this because, while I know that Kid A => Amnesiac, I really feel that OK Computer set the stage for Kid A musically and conceptually. For me, Kid A doesn't stand up without OK Computer setting the tone, IMO of course.
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I haven't really listened to Kid A although from what I hear it's a great album. Right now, I'm perfectly happy with OK Computer. Bends would be my close second and recommend to whomever trying get familiar with Radiohead.

At first, without having any grunge background, it was kinda hard for me to swallow the depth and heaviness of OK Computer, But, after following their earlier works, it's one of my all time favorite album. Period.
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Tough one!

I think The Bends, Ok Computer, and Kid A are equally excellent and are so completely different from each other it's hard to say which is best.

But I voted Kid A for originality and atmospherics and consistency (there is a track each on both Bends and Computer that could have been left off - not terrible, just not as good as the rest...won't say which ones or that will just start a debate )
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Also, Amnesiac is a pretty good album as well - really does feel like Kid B (they WERE going to name it this I read somewhere).

I also think Hail To The Thief is underrated - I myself didn't think much of it but have been playing it more lately. It's one of those albums that you need to listen to a lot before it all sinks in and you learn to appreciate.

IMO it has 2 of the best songs RH have written: The punky, ultra-aggressive "2+2=5" and the Pink Floydish "Sail To The Moon".

For me the album runs out of steam a bit towards the 2nd half but there is some excellent stuff on this....maybe 10 tracks instead of 14?
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another vote for Kid A.

i have Amnesiac, too and like it.

the rest of their albums don't quite make it for me. i guess i'm on Virometal's team.
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OKC with the huge comeback. I voted Kid A, it's by far my favourite. And it's because of the songwriting mainly, not because of knob-twiddling. Anyone who's heard the live versions is knows that songs like Everything in its Right Place and Kid A are just great songs, even if at first they may seem a bit hidden behind studio tricks on the album.
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Ok Computer gets my vote. I love all their albums, but none of them blew me away like that album.
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Just a side note, if you ever have the chance to see them live do yourself a favor and do whatever you can to get a ticket. Best concert I've ever been to.

Achingly beautiful. I stood in awe for 3 hours.
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