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What amp is good to pair with the ER-4P/S? - Page 2

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If you've got an ER4P, I say Supermini because it has a built-in 75ohm resistor which is exactly what the P->S impedance adapter is. You can also roll opamps to change the sound, the battery lasts 5-10x longer than the Supermicro, it's thinner than the Supermicro, the case is more ergonomical.

Supermini FTW at $200. I'm not sure if it's worth it to get the battery charger since the battery life is so long... if you've already gotta recharging station, you'll prolly be better off buying some more AAAs. But I did buy the charger for some silly reason. Decisions, decisions....
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I've got a maxxed-out Portaphile V2^2, a Tomahawk, and a HeadRoom Total Airhead that I have the choice of mating w/my Etys. I also have an assortment of vintage portable CD players as my source(s). My ER4P's sound fantastic with all of these amp/CDP combos, but I'd have to recommend the Tomahawk (esp. after burn-in) as the "best" sounding - when talking musical accuracy - and, don't laugh, but the TA w/its crossfeed function on is a helluva lot of fun w/these ER4P's. I honestly divide my time equally between the Toma & TA. So, depending upon the type of music you listen to most often, you may want to choose a less expensive, less accurate amp like the TA or the Go-Vibe the other poster recommended over an amp costing 3-5X as much for the fun factor and cost-control. Plus, you may not even like the conversion from P->S w/those Ety's. I hated the change and sold off my custom P->S cable after one night of AB testing because I thought the added impedence made them sound too sterile...

Anyway, good luck! zD
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I've owned a MisterX XP amp (warm, but not enough transparency), Mseed Spirit amp (very transparent, but not enough bass), and finally the Corda Move.

The Move is excellent with my Ety ER4s. It has enough midbass to fill out the sound and take your attention away from the highs of the Etys, which can become annoying if your amp does not provide enough bass.
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Have you read Skylabs reference portable amp comparison?
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