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*SOLD* Bluetooth Grado SR-60.

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Okay, before I begin this, I must say these words:

Ugly. As. Sin.

Okay, now that that's through with, I am selling something I no longer listen to. It was my first DIY headphone project, and it involved turning a pair of Grado SR-60's into bluetooth headphones, a-la taking apart a bluetooth stereo headset with 32 Ohm drivers, and soldering the electronics to the Grado drivers in the Grado headphones.

After about a month, the audio started to cut out intermittently - just for a quarter of a second or something minuscule, but it's some kinda problem with a random short or who the crap knows. It probably still has this problem. Also, another reason why I don't listen to it anymore is that immediately after taking this one apart, I bought a nicely modded set of SR-60's from someone here, and I listen to them probably every other day. I like the SR-60's, but I don't need two of them.


Option #1: So, I'm posting this as a fixer-upper. The modification to accommodate the size of the electronics was to make a new cap with PVC pipe, and I grafted the ends with unfinished Sycamore and domed aluminum screening. Included with the sale would be the headphones, the bluetooth adapter, and two chargers (one wall-wart, one USB). If you want this option, make an offer and I'll consider it.

PS - when you wear them, it looks like you have a PVC pipe going through your head. Kinda like those fake arrow hats. Or you have marshmallow earmuffs.


Option #2: I could remove all of the bluetooth stuff for you, and re-cable it with some HD-650 cable. Now, since I don't have the original caps for the headphones anymore, I'd have to make new ones. So, essentially you'd get woody'd SR-60's with a nicer cable. I'm not sure what the price of this should be, but for now I'll call it ~150. If you want fancy woods, we'd have to talk more about the price.

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How about I just go ahead with the woody modification and then post it for sale then? With this many views and no interest of any kind, I am asking people who might be interested in a wood pair of SR-60's with HD-650 cable to please PM me, telling me that you might be interested.

I'm not going to bother putting my time into something that nobody's interested in, but if people are intersted I will go ahead with the construction.

So, shoot over your PMs, and I suppose for now these headphones are no longer for sale.
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Perhaps some comments on the sound quality with the bluetooth stuff would garnish some interest?
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Hmm... well besides from the intermittent audio cut-outs, it sounds quite nice. Everyone here was telling me that it'd sound like crap because of the BT standard, but, I honestly couldn't tell the difference.

Then again, I can't really tell much difference between stock cables and homemade cables (going from RS interconnects/stock headphone cables to Neutrik plugs and Star Quad). I feel that the major factor in sound quality is the drivers - which are pretty nice in these 'phones.

I'm going to run them through some more listening right now, because I'm actually starting to get some interest. But, if no major interest develops, I will give these the wood treatment.
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Okay, so I've been listening to them for about 30 minutes now.

No breaks in the audio yet, and comparing to my other SR-60's they sound, surprisingly, more open. Kinda airy - I think it's because of the gigantic chambers I made from PVC pipe. Every once in a while the highs sound a bit compressed, I'm assuming from the BT adapter (who am I kidding, it IS from the BT adapter). But, now that I'm listening to them again I'm wondering why I didn't listen to them a whole lot more. They're nice, I'm finding.

Oh, and I forgot one detail - the headphones DO have volume adjustment, but I couldn't figure out a reasonable way to integrate it into the new enclosures. You can adjust the volume on your source, and it should leave plenty of headroom.

So, as far as I can tell they're working perfectly now. I don't know if that'll stick, but they're workin'!
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how much do you want for them as is.
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Sorry, just sold them
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