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Carlin bought my leather headbanded and bowled MS-1's and paid promptly via PayPal. Enjoy the cans!
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Carlin Eng bought a Creative Audigy 4 Pro 7.1 PCI sound card from me. Payment was quickly made/sent and communication was great. Would gladly deal again. RECOMMENDED!
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Carlin bought E4Cs from me, very prompt payment, great buyer!
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I bought a set of HD280s from Carlin. He shipped them quickly and packed them well, and they were in impeccable condition. I would not hesitate to buy more of his stuff. :-)
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Sold an iBasso D1 to Carlin, great communication, thank you!
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Sold a mini to RCA cable to Carlin. He paid promptly and was very easy to get in touch with. A great headfi-er and an asset to the community!
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Carlin bought a sonic impact super-T amp. Great transaction and communication! Great head-fier!
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