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iMod Press and reviews

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More iMod press:

Tone will have a future 5G review coming soon also.


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Pretty nice exposure, and about time.
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Don't forget the 6moons imod review with ALO docks and cables
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I have to disagree about him being able to hear the difference between 320kbs and lossless. Even in a controlled listening environment...

In anycase, awesome review...and I love the iMod.
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Nice to see some write ups. I agree that the ipod competes with approx $1K CD players... not bad value at all.
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Originally Posted by recstar24 View Post
Don't forget the 6moons imod review with ALO docks and cables
I cant wait for this one! Really looking forward to this!!

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Finally some well deserved press. Now instead of trying to explain "It's an iMod" I can just direct people to these reviews.
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Great work deserves great press!

Unfortunately, more people know 50 Cent than Hillary Hahn. This is your and Vinnie's Andy Warhol's moment and hopefully it will last a long time and even further as you develop new innovative products.

Keep makin' them, and they will come . We need an iMod and cable dock emoticon. Anybody...anybody?
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